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Hi, First name / reader!


So…the anxiety was a bit much and I've decided that nothing is getting unpublished until about a month or two before the complete series re-launches happen. That way the books are still available until the big launch is getting ready to happen, which is probably less stressful for everyone.

In the meantime, I've found some SPECTACULAR Facebook pages that'll keep you supplied with exactly the kinds of books and content you're looking for while I'm working on my relaunches. You're going to want to watch them for giveaways in the coming months, as well as awesome book news from my author friends.


thank you for  READING AND being a part of my life.

xo, c. j.

New From My Author Friends:

Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, & Similar Genres

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There were plenty of reasons for Alida to stay home, rather than go off to college, according to Kirin and Talia. They weren’t my parents, but they were the only family I’d had for a decade. Leaving them was scary, but at the same time, I was drawn to this place, far enough from the West Virginia hills to feel like a change, and close enough for me to always come home.


I wasn’t being elusive. I had no desire to be mysterious. I simply didn’t know a thing about my past. Not really. I’d tried to find out, but no one wanted to tell me anything...not the foster parents who raised me or the social worker who managed my case, or the police officer who turned me in.

Little did I know, Christmas with her would change everything once and for all.

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Maddie Reynolds is tired of the dating scene. There are too many frogs and not enough princes. Her brother found his happily ever after and she’s resigned to continue flying solo.

Just when she thinks her sexy fire fighting neighbor, Chase Manning, would be perfect boyfriend material, she discovers he’s like every other frog out there. Where is her fairy godmother when she needs her?

Chase thinks his neighbor, Maddie, is hotter than the fires he puts out. Too bad she’s as cold as ice whenever he’s around.

Knowing he doesn’t stand a chance, he still can’t get her out of his mind and to make matters worse, he’s having crazy dreams of her and a frog. Yep, you heard right. A damn frog.

Will Maddie’s kiss turn this frog into a prince? You’ll need to One-Click now to find out.

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I’ve lived my life on the run. Always looking over my shoulder. Waiting for the day that they would find me. Everyone I have ever loved has been ripped from me until I have nothing left but memories and dreams.

For years, he has been the only thing to keep me sane. My demon prince from my dreams.
His voice haunts me. Stirs me. Makes me yearn for him.
But will I ever find him? Or will he find me?

As my abilities manifest, will I be able to maintain control, or will they control me?

For millennia, my life has been incomplete. Until I saw her.
For years, I’ve watched over her. Protecting her from the monsters that chase her. Yet, I’m the biggest threat to her safety.

My perfect Nephilim. My mate.

Her face is there every time I close my eyes. Her voice soothes my very soul.

Will I be able to shield her from the horrors of my world or will I fail and finally claim her as mine, damn the consequences?