STAYING WARM  | VOL.38 | 2020 

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You might know about me that I really really don't like the cold.  I think I could totally live in a warm tropical climate 365 days a year, it's where my soul lights up!  I currently live in the gorgeous but constantly weather shifting climate of Colorado though - and what it's made me realize over the few years is that my self care habits MUST adjust when it is chilly out, if I want to show up in the same way I do when I feel great in warm weather.


I put together a list of Self Care For A Chilly Morning - 11 Ways That I Stay Warm + Cozy it's cold outside!  Check it out below, I hope that it helps YOU to warm up if you're a warm weather lover like me!


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- Journal Prompt : COMFORT

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SMOKEY QUARTZ | manifestation + grounding


I just added a few rare and completely gorgeous smokey quartz wands to the MoonRise Boutique.  Some of them are phantoms, some semi-raw and some matte in texture.  They are all unique and I just love them.

So I thought it was fitting to feature Smokey Quartz, one of my favorite crystals to use for gounding this week!


I love to use in my intention practices for :

calming anxiety
clarity + presence
banishing negative energy
absorbing bad vibrations
rational thoughts
increasing attention
grounding + stabilizing


Smokey Quartz benefits the Root Chakra. 

You can use this super grounding stone in your meditation practice, to encourage positive communication in group situations, or around your home to spark organization.

From the earth, to you : my smokey quartz collection is mined in Brazil


use these journal prompts this week if they inspire you



What does comfort mean to me?  Does it vary throughout different times of the year, month or day?

How does my mood change when I'm comfortable?

What self care methods can I put into place to help me remain comfortable during this season?

How does my own comfort trigger the thought of others who might not be comfortable or have the same advantages as I do?  How can I help others to be comfortable?


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I'm so excited to let you know that I recently partnered with Savvi.  Savvi is a life style fitness brand that has spoken to me both in their ethics + philosophy and their incredible line of active wear (literally my favorite!) for quite some time now.  They represent building your life by design.


I made the decision to partner with them as the official line of MoonRise Self Care and am so excited to introduce the line and philosophy of the brand to you!


Please check them out through my site below, feel free to share with a friend who would love them, reach out to me with any questions and reach out to me if you're interested in partnering with a gorgeous brand and philosophy as well!




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Reach out to me if you have ANY questions!



8:15pm (MST) Donation Based Yin Yoga 

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*during the month of December, join me for a series on the elements.  I'll focus on a different element weekly, attend one or all of them!

8:15pm (MST) Donation Based Yin Yoga 

60 min 



Pay what you can. My classes are donation-based, pay what you are able (if you cannot afford to pay for class, please consider sharing my classes with friends who would enjoy them!). 

My family greatly appreciates your donations as this is how I make my living, venmo @ jadoreurlife.  Thank you.





I recently launched the MoonRise Self Care channel on YouTube as a space that you can turn to 24/7 for self care routines, tips and habits. I'm building a collection of yin yoga classes, self care ideas, lunar practices and crystal intention setting on the channel.


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If you EVER have a request for the channel, let me know!  

I would LOVE to include something you're craving learning about.




WHEN : Monday 12.14.20, 6:30pm mst

LOCATION : virtual

INVESTMENT :  pay what you can


The new moon represents deep feminine wisdom. Engaging regularly with the moon cycles is a powerful way to become intimately connected with the phases of birth, death and rebirth. 


In our lives, we too are constantly moving through these cycles, seasons and changes. Connecting to and working with the moon as she cycles, creates a life of deeper meaning and more authentic connection as we are able to live a life with more awareness and intention. 


Join Lisa Reeder (Wild Souls Yoga) & Jenny White (MoonRise Self Care) in a women's circle as we practice grounding techniques, breath work and development of our intuition. We will share space with each other to receive, connect and create.


ps - I'm teaching yin directly after our New Moon Circle - it's the most incredible combo, please join for both!


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