November 29, 2020


Hello Friends!


I feel like every year I say Black Friday weekend has gotten crazy, and then every year it seems to get even crazier. 2020 has cornered the market on Crazytown, so this Black Friday was, yes -  pretty crazy.  In fact it feels like Black Friday started right around Halloween this year. 


I do love a good deal, and the retailers have been delivering in that department for sure. In researching the trends for retail it's clear that consumers are looking for 3 main things: SAFETY  (i.e. contactless commerce) CONVENIENCE (hence the rise in what they call BIOIS - buy on-line, pick-up in store) and BARGAINS (i.e. deep discounts). 


I think the 4th trend picking up speed now more than ever, is buying local and supporting small businesses. The giant retailers are hard to ignore, especially in terms of convenience and bargains, but I see a trend toward a more “conscious consumerism” where people - women especially - want to buy from people they know, and support local, small businesses. 


Local biz gift cards are a great way to do that too… I just went on-line and found my sons' favorite restaurants in their college towns and ordered gift certificates for a win-win. You could do the same with your daughters' favorite hair/nail salon/boutiques, etc…No matter where they live. 


I'm also making an effort to reduce my Amazon shopping habit/addiction/problem and at least be more aware of the tendency to hit “add to cart” without much thought. 


One of my goals at B.Styled is to help with your shopping by doing the legwork for you and making recommendations.  I create resources so you can have a LIST and a PLAN, and reduce or eliminate WILLY-NILLY SHOPPING.  


This week I'm sharing three of these resources: my Holiday Gift Picks Catalog, my Winter CozyChic Style System™, and picks from my favorite, locally-based small business, Peach. 


I hope all this helps you, and if you have any questions at all, click here and ask away! 


The focus on this season's Style System™ will be the importance of getting dressed…even when you have nowhere to go, and no one to see. It'll be all about CozyChic looks that you'll feel better wearing - at home, at work, on zoom, or wherever this unusual holiday season takes you.  And each day you'll know EXACTLY what to wear. Imagine that?


As a special BONUS, I am also coaching members on picking the best Wardrobe Essentials  based on your UNIQUE BODY TYPE.  I'm recruiting members to serve as Body-Type Models so you can see first hand the difference it makes when you find the right cuts and styles. So rather than buying another $47 thingamajig that you don't love and doesn't fit, join this program and learn to love getting dressed…for YOU.


Clearly, one of my mantras (that I harp on ad nauseam) is the importance of your Wardrobe Foundation - which is the #1 key to being able to easily  #justgetdressed.  

No, they aren't the fun, sexy, eye-catching things….but they are the items that you need in order to actually wear those fun, bright, shiny objects.  Make sense?

 The Peach Essentials  is a good place to start and these pieces RARELY go on sale, so now is a great time to check them out (and support a small, US business, founded by women I know and love).  I'm here to help with styles, sizing, etc.  


And I'll leave you with the thought below…Plus an invitation to join me over in the free, private #justgetdressed VIP Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get tips, and have good, clean fun with some pretty awesome women. 

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Enjoy your day!



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