Challenge one:

black & white

Image 1

I'm starting out the challenge with an easy photography theme everyone loves - Black and White! But not all black and white images are created equal.


I've found that the best images for black and white conversions meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Images with dramatic side or back light.
  2. Images where the color of the image doesn't contribute to the story.
  3. Images where I want a timeless look and feel to the photo.

I want you to focus on #1 for this challenge. Look for dramatic light for your black and white image.


One technique you can try is changing the color profile on your camera to Monochrome so you are actually shooting in black and white. If you shoot in RAW, the color date will still be recorded, only the JPEG preview will be in black and white. If you shoot in JPEG, then you will be committed to black and white. Here's a great video about this and other black and white photography techniques: Black and white photography technique.


To learn more about black and white photography, check out these links:

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“Black and white photography erases time from the equation.”

—Jason Peterson


Editing Black and White Images In Lightroom


I used to use a preset I made myself for black and white conversions, but a few years ago, Lightroom came out with a variety of black and white profiles that give me many options to choose from when converting an image to black and white. I enjoy rolling my mouse over each option and looking for the one that best fits the mood of my image.


Once you have your image ready to upload, you have 24 hours from now to head over to the Challenge Facebook page and upload ONE IMAGE to the Challenge 1: Black & White Album.


Note: I never expected to have so many people taking part in this challenge! And while I wish I could comment on every photo that get submitted, I hereby deputize you to give other photographers encouraging feedback on images posted to the album! For each challenge, please comment on at least two other images in the album.


Happy creating!


ps. If your share your photo on social media, use the tag #riseupphotochallenge!