Challenge two:

close up

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Today's challenge is going to get you up close and personal with your chosen subject.


You don't need a macro lens for this challenge (but you can turn any lens into one with this handy technique!), just choose the lens in your bag that lets you focus as close as possible to your subject. If your camera can't achieve focus, then you are too close. If you're using a zoom lens, try different focal lengths to see which one allows you to make the composition you are looking for while still allowing focus on your subject.


Though I generally like to hand-hold even close up photos (my subjects tend to move a lot!), keeping a steady hand and getting accurate focus may be easier with a tripod.


Tip: When you are taking photos close up, you don't want to be wide open with your aperture or your plane of focus will get very small and you may miss out on some great detail. Stop it down for f4 or f5.6 and see what you think of the results!


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"If Your Pictures Aren’t Good Enough, You’re Not Close Enough."

—Robert Capa


Once you have your image ready to upload, you have 24 hours from now to head over to the Challenge Facebook page and upload ONE IMAGE to the Challenge 2: Close Up Album.


And remember, while you're there, leave an encouraging comment about several other images in the photo album!


Happy creating!


ps. If your share your photo on social media, use the tag #riseupphotochallenge!