Challenge Seven:

object shoot through

Image 1

How are we already at Challenge Seven!! I hope you've been able to keep up and have found the Rise Up! Challenge to be fun and inspiring!


This last challenge will be extra fun! You get to find an object around your house to take photos through. You will put that object close to the lens and then photograph your subject.


Some examples might be…

  1. Christmas lights (like the example above)
  2. An old DVD or CD
  3. Prism or Drinking Glass
  4. Leaves/foliage
  5. Christmas Ornament
  6. Metal Tubing
  7. Beading
  8. Whatever you have on hand!

Here are some links to help you get inspired for this Challenge!

8 Things You Can Shoot Through for Amazing Portraits (video)

Creative Photography Techniques Used by Top Photographers

14 Objects To Shoot Through for Creative Photographic Effects


These next two images were taken with a prism in front of the lens. Moving the object around can give you very different results!

Image 1
Image 1

"Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones."

— Bruce Garrabrandt


Once you have your image ready to upload, you have 24 hours from now to head over to the Challenge Facebook page and upload ONE IMAGE to the Challenge 7: Shoot Through Album


And remember, while you're there, leave an encouraging comment about several other images in the photo album!


Happy creating!


ps. If your share your photo on social media, use the tag #riseupphotochallenge!