Dec 3rd, 2020

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hello friends, 


i spoke to my coach yesterday about the hesitation i feel when attempting to publish something new. my fear drives me to keep it to myself because i'm not sure my offering is ripe enough to have an impact. what unfolded was a conversation about my perspective: i was focused so much on the impact i desired that i wasn't nourished by the impact i had. i wasn't allowing myself to be encouraged by what i had already experienced.


this seems like a common theme right now: we aren’t looking at how we have survived in the face of fear, instead we solely focus on surviving. we aren’t looking at how we have had joy through a collectively tumultuous year, instead we are looking at how much we still have to go. all this while failing to realize by not pausing to savor what we have experienced, we fail to encourage belief in what we desire to come.


how can we expect to receive what we are waiting for when we haven't savored that which has carried us here? 


this month, start by taking a moment to notice what you desire and notice how you have experienced it before. sit with the experiences that nourish your belief in what you desire to have. be encouraged by what has already happened in a real way.

take stock and savor those reminiscings now my friend, so it can give you the power you need right now and beyond.


new self-driven offering

capping the year with a new email series made from the 💛


going into this new year, we probably realize things are different. attempting to create a radical goal for ourselves or completely ignoring our need for growth might not seem to cut it. instead of these, we can look at this new year as new plot of land and decide it will bear the fruit of a fulfilling life. this begins by knowing which seeds hold that fruit, and secretly you already do, you just haven’t revealed that knowing yet!


in this four-day email series Plotting the Seeds for Fulfillment, you’ll identify the seeds you desire to plot this new year by connecting to the knowings you already have. each day you'll receive an email with an audio visualization (plus transcription), a guidance letter, and an exercise to take you deeper.


 you set the price of this exchange and the rhythm you dive in!


events & gatherings

two dope events to close out the year!

for both, come as you are - receive what you need - and give what you can.


Saturday Dec 12th, 11am CT

A Space to Pause - a Radical Reimagining space

A 45-minute intentional moment to be reflective with others being reflective.

It's an end of year slow down, come down and wind down session. A time for transitions, intersections and being in nothing and in everything. Come as you are.


Saturday Dec 19th, 12:30pm CT

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Connect & Cultivate: BIWoC empowerment circle 
a 75-minute softly guided circle for Black, Indigenous, &/or women of color to replenish, process, and honor the best version of ourselves while sharing sistering energies. 


No matter what you are facing and how you are feeling, I know one thing is true:

You are worthy of a full, well and whole life.

May you be empowered all ways & always.


You ready to live a life based on what you deeply desire?

Let's shift into that together through my private one-on-one coaching.

free first discovery call - no strings attached.

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**curious as to why I may have omitted capitalization? - lucille clifton inspired me.

"Standard English… is the language of conquest and domination; in the United States, it is the mask which hides the loss of so many tongues, all those sounds of diverse, native communities we will never hear...we create the ruptured, broken, unruly speech of the vernacular... There, in that location, we make English do what we want it to do. We take the oppressor’s language and turn it against itself. We make our words a counter-hegemonic speech, liberating ourselves in language.” - bell hooks taught me. & more here.