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hey there, friend!

Yes, hi, hello, my question is how in the world is it December already!?!?!??
I swear it was August, like, yesterday?  Next year, is like, next month? I'm sorry, WHAT?


I put a sticky note on my screen earlier this week that reads “DON'T RUSH.  KEEP IT SIMPLE." I need reminding when working through hard problems to just stop, take a breath, and let the solutions flow. They'll come, as long as I don't rush to a conclusion.  The sticky is also a reminder that the easiest path is almost always the right one.  But, OOF it's been tricky this week to get everything done accurately and not lose my mind doing so.

   This is also usually the week of year that I start to take stock, to check off annual lists and think about plans for the next few months and year.  I am doing that but honestly, I think this time around, going into the new year, “DON'T RUSH, KEEP IT SIMPLE” is all I really need.

Some small moments of joy this week:
 We've finally FINALLY reached the heat-on-in-the-morning-AC-on-in-the-afternoon portion of the year.  PRAISE BE.

St. Bernhard PUPPIES OMGGGG so many

I love weird toothpaste and this may be the weirdest I've ever found… I can't wait to try it

Gradually replacing my entire wardrobe with black satin (and these have pockets!!!)

The first pair of Keds (1916!!!)

Embroidered Toast

An original 1960's office interior that is (((chef's kiss)))

Here are few other things that have helped me get through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be:



Starting to feel like we're bursting out of our kitchen again.  So as I attempt, once again, to jam this week's grocery delivery into the cabinets, I daydream about a better solution.  Usually involving a full pantry, and probably something dark and dreamy, like this make-over done by the Marcum's this year.  I love a dark, well-organized moment! 

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