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I know I'm coming in on the tail-end of one of the biggest retail + digital shopping weeks of the entire year, so fear not, this isn't some sort of door buster sale. 


BUT I am writing in with some prettayyy exciting news today.


First, a question: have you ever invested your hard earned dollars into a course or program only to be a bit let down?


Perhaps it promises a big lifestyle, an immediate cash infusion, or the ability to quit your full-time job and live the laptop life while on a beach in the Caribbean within just a few days. When, in reality, it's full of “believe in yourself!” and “act like the CEO that you are!” leaving you feeling more confused and let down than when you started.


Unfortunately (big understatement), it happens. The truth is, there’s no formal education in our industry, so it’s either a game of trial-and-error, hiring someone 1x1 (awesome but $)…or putting your faith in courses. At times, it can feel a bit like you're caught between a rock and a hard place.


Well, there's a new kid on the block named Terrain and it's become the ONLY online course platform with 100% vetted courses specifically designed to serve entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers in the online business space. 😱


AMAZING, I know. Terrain's founder, Eman Zabi, is a genius.


The platform has even been described by a beta tester as “Apple and Netflix’s lovechild”! #NBD


One of our most loved features would have to be Terrain’s Quality Control system.


The Terrain team runs ALL of its courses through a very thorough vetting process and only puts up those courses which pass their QC test. ✔️

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Image 1


From there:


(1) Simply click the purple button that says “Start Learning”.

(2) Then scroll on down until you see “The Copy House”.

(3) Add to cart, checkout, and it's yours to begin writing website copy you're proud of! 💥




Great question. Thats totally up to you and your goals, but I will share a few differences.


(1) TCH on the Terrain platform is more of a self-study course with an estimated 4-week timeline to completion. You will still have access to our private Facebook group but there will not be bi-weekly Zoom calls or added one-on-one support at this time. HOWEVER, any live calls, etc. that are later done in the Facebook Group you will absolutely have access to.


(2) All other bonus content IS still included.


(3) The version of TCH that's on Terrain is the original. We are in the process of adding a bit more content, examples, and a few other touches to TCH for when it becomes available again via Copy Uncorked. When that happens, we will also later share those updates with Terrain so Terrain purchasers will eventually be able to access them as well. 


(4) The investment will be similar whether you buy it on Terrain or when it opens through Copy Uncorked. That being said, I will not guarantee at this time whether it will be more or less expensive during our live launch as we're still working out those details.


Note: There will be additional added bonuses and more group interaction only available through the live, guided program with Copy Uncorked. #transparency


Basically, whichever path or timeline is right for you, we are equally committed to your positive learning experience inside of The Copy House, as is Terrain.


I could keep going about Terrain's other cool features like:


- instructor ratings

- discussion boards

- in-app messaging with other students and course-creators

- rich-text note-taking, feature badges

…and MORE…


But for now, to address a question for my fellow curious & strategic thinkers out there:


Is making an evergreen version of The Copy House available the best thing for “strategy”?


Truthfully, I don't know yet. 


What I DO know is that I created The Copy House because we really, really love websites and website copy here at Copy Uncorked. We wish we could write sites for everyone but that's obviously just not possible.


So the next best thing is education and teaching you the methods and framework I've refined over years of writing sites for high-paying 1x1 clients. 


Knowing how to structure your site and write your own copy is a skill that will continue to support you as a business owner. And I want that skill to be accessible to you when you need it the most.


Hence, the name Copy UNCORKED.


So go check out Terrain, uncork The Copy House if it's the right time for you and if not, we'll be planning big things for you in 2021.


➡️LASTLY, we'll let you know before doors to The Copy House reopen, so if you already know it's a “No, thank you” for you, don't worry, you won't have to endure a bunch of emails. 


Yay for marketing with less secrets and more realness.



- Kaitlyn

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