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tis the season

Wow - we got to the last month of 2020! What a crazy year!  I was thinking back to the last weekend that was normal … it was Tommy's 50th birthday weekend spent in Mad River Glen. To think of all that has happened since then.  But here we are at the end of the year.  I love December but it is always as stressful as it is magical, but this year maybe the current situation will help us all slow down and appreciate what we have and be hopeful for the future.  We had a great weekend cutting down Christmas trees on the family Christmas Tree Farm.  Something we don't get to do usually as we are in Denver on non-pandemic years.  If that sounds like something out of a Hallmark Movie - well it is! I made my own Hallmark movie on both of my insta stories - and don't worry I saved it so you can check it out! I'm sure it will leave you dying for the sequel.   


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xo, whitney



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