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Hitched By Joelle is Going 

Through a Growth Spurt! 


how to apply 


I want you to send me a video. read that right! A VIDEO!!


-I don't care how long it is.

-I don't care what kinda lighting you're in but feel free to use the #kyliefilter if that makes you feel amazing.

-Leave the tambourine dancing side show for when we celebrate your first day though, ok??


It's okay to lose your train of thought and have to dial back in. It's okay to get emotional if something comes up. It's okay if you slip up and say "k wait, redooooo!" This is the shit I LIVE FOR. Why? Because what I'm looking for is someone who is REAL. I want authenticity. I want personality. No robots plz.


If you aren't comfortable taking a video and talking about yourself, you sure as hell won't be comfortable doing anything else related to this job.


Once you've got your vid ready to go you can attached the link on the last question on the application form.


Don't worry click here to access all the requirements and video topics!


xo, joelle