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hey there, friend!

This week we've been reveling in the cold (for Florida) weather and trying to find the Christmas spirit. It's been down in the 40s at night more than once this week. (If you're from the North or Mid-West, I'll wait for you to stop laughing.) But, It only happens like twice a year, so we've really got to enjoy it.  We opened the windows to let the cold breeze blow through the house, and it's so refreshing.


I did, however, turn on my small space heater under my desk this morning (it's so cute!), as I am no longer willing to be a “winter” weather martyr. Not turning your heat on is a point of pride in Florida, but I just want warm toes! And, yes, I did grow up in the Northern tundra of Montana, but I'm an old woman now and I'm unwilling to suffer any longer.

Some small moments of joy this week:
 The annual tree of books.

How Dilly Bars are made (!!!)

This cat makes prettier dumplings than I do.

Incredible Holiday Decorations in England.

This Bloom & Plume collab with Bouqs which I pre-ordered for myself for January

The imaginary wishlist of Amanda Woods from The Holiday

An uplifting Christmas Music Playlist that doesn't make me sad I can't go home this year

Here are few other things that have helped me get through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be:



Ran across this image searching for something else this week, but I was struck by how much I loved not only the materials used, but the application and break-up of the materials. They compliment each other but don't compete - it's so much interesting than all the same color!  This house was done by Lindsay Hill Interiors and the inside is a gorge as the outside!

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