December 13, 2020


Hello Friends!


Well ladies, we've just about hit the mid-point in the last month of 2020. How're you doing? I hope and pray you are hanging in there. 


I think the biggest gift Mary has given me is my (mostly) optimistic, glass-half-full attitude, and I'm so grateful for that. Yesterday though was NOT one of those days. 


I felt like a b*itch on wheels and everyone was on my nerves. I could blame the weather (it sucked) but in reality I was just being a brat.  I was annoyed that it was a Saturday and I had nothing (fun) to do and nowhere  (fun) to go. I also miss my alone time. Remeber those days when everyone would go to work and school and you had the house to yourself? Yea, that. 👋🏼


I knew in my head  I needed to snap out of it and realize how crazy lucky I am compared to what others are dealing with, but instead I wallowed. And ate junk.  And took a nap. And went to bed at 8pm. 


Alas yesterday is history and today I'm hearing my dad  saying “today is the first day of the rest of your life."  And I'm changing my tune. I got up, put some cute yoga clothes on (and may actually do some yoga at some point;). I chugged water and am now on my 2nd? 3rd? cup of coffee and I haven't barked at anyone. Yet.


I'm determined to use the gift Mary gave me (over the next several months especially) and look at the mostly full glass/cup I'm holding 🍷☕️ and not let my cynical side take care over. 


I'm going to make a conscious effort to enjoy this time at home, get the stuff done around the house and in my business that are easy to blow off during other times. And I'm going to enjoy having my sons around. If they would pick up their *&^%💩  –  I'd be even merrier. 


One can hope for a Christmas Miracle. 🎄


Anyway, my goal with this newsletter to keep things light and fun, so let's get on with fun and frivolity! 


Here's what went on this past week:



I've really enjoyed  NOT Christmas shopping this year… Did you know both Mary and I are scrooges in many ways? It's NOT my favorite holiday (nor hers) and the shopping and buying part is what I dislike the most. Ironic, I know;). 


But aside from Mary and my family “Secret Santa” I'm off the hook this year - and have to say I love it. It'll be different having Christmas morning without piles of gifts under the tree - and not being able to go to mass in person - but I know we'll have fun and maybe start some new traditions. And Bill and I will both revel in not having anything to assemble or figure out how to make work. 🤷‍♀️


If you still have shopping to do….here's my gift picks catalog…just pay close attention to shipping dates as the carriers are getting SLAMMED: 




Join me in committing to these 3 easy, simple and basic 3 habits...EVERY. DAY. for the rest of the year...and hopefully forever: 


1. 20-30 min. daily movement ✅ (And see below on how you cans spruce up your workout wardrobe, including what I'm wearing in the video, at 40% off!)


2. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water ✅ (my fav water bottle is now 40% off)


3. #justgetdressed. NOT dressed UP, not fashion-obsessed or vain..just DRESSED in a way that makes you feel good. ✅ 


Join my free private #justgetdressed VIP's FB group to get accountability and advice and an amazing community of women.




And if you missed Barbara's video, you can catch it here. Barbara Majeski is the founder of Curator of The Good Life and is featured on shows like The Today Show and Inside Edition. Watch the video and you'll see why I've developed a girl crush on her;) 


And in addition to Barbara's picks being 40% off, a great selection of work out clothes and reversible leggings are 40% off as well. And if you put any of the 40% items in your cart and use code barbara40, you will unlock 20% off the entire peach site. A great chance to shop and support this small business and get some great deals on quality essentials.  

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'Tis the season when I get asked about booties in the winter. The way I see it, you have 4 options: 

1. No Show Socks…and potentially cold feet, but who cares? Ha!  Best no-show socks are definitely the peach ones.


2. Show your Socks (ONLY if the socks are intentional, and ONLY for casual looks. I take a hard line on this one;) These  camp socks are great. Or if you want color/pattern, these are fun. 


3. Pants OVER your booties (for taller and narrow shaft booties and straight or wide-leg pants).


4. Pants INSIDE your booties (for skinny jeans/pants/leggings and wider shaft booties). Or for tall boots a more modern look is a suede knee-high boot (vs. the flat riding boots of yesteryear). I have these..they're now on-sale and waterproof: 


 Have questions? Confused? Let me know!




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Did you know I was a psych major? Sometimes I regret not pursuing that line of work...but B.Styled lets me be an uncertified/untrained arm-chair expert;) I'll leave the real issues to the pros, but I do know after working with 100's clients over the years, that I see the same "issues" get in the way of having style they love...things that make it hard to #justgetdressed.

Can you relate to any of these?


1. You're a constant/impulse shopper. You've convinced yourself that if you just bought new things you'd have better style. So your closet is packed, but you still have "nothing to wear." 

2. There's a voice in your head telling you you're too old, too heavy, or don't have the money or body needed to have great style. (That voice has a name's called the "Itty-Bitty-Sh#tty-Committee" and it needs to zip it).


3. You're overwhelmed by all the options and confused about what's "in style" and are afraid of looking trendy or like a "try-hard".​


4. ​Your body has changed and you don't know what to wear that will feel comfortable but also look good on you.


Do any of these issues hang you up? Hit reply and let me know.

 I do this "for a living" and still get hung up on all of them at times...especially #1 and #3...We all need to consciously avoid those traps. Being aware of them is half the battle!


That's it for today…but I'll leave you with one last thought (thanks to my favorite IG account and Newport landmark, The Irish-American Club (or the IA as you may know it;)  Keep it festive, ladies! 

xo, Beth


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Enjoy your week!



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