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Does anyone have better modernist chops, lineage than Werner Drewes?  He studied first with Paul Klee and later with Wassily Kandinsky at the Bauhaus before moving to New York in the late 1920s and both catching and fueling the wave of American Modernism as it took shape in the United States.


This is a bit of a departure from many of Drewes' 

more geometric works. The colors are softer and the forms 

merge into one another rather than stand boldly apart.


But, right now, this watercolor is reminding me of something 

that is stuck in my memory. It reminds me of another work by another artist whose name I can't remember and it's driving me crazy. So, now I'm thinking about memory.  

And how the Holidays evoke so many memories. Already, 

many of you have written to me about your own Advent memories. And the decorations on my tree, most of which 

were made by my kids...or even me when I was a kid...

draw me back into moments and years gone by.


Werner Drewes, Composition A54, 1935