Hi, I'm Karen

Hi there! welcome to my six week journey where I tried and experimented using different skincare products.    I keep you updated on allll the things. That's right: the good, the bad, and the absolutely drop dead you-can't-miss-this skincare experiment!

In all seriousness, I’m grateful you’re here on this crazy wild ride with me and I’m so excited to have a medium to share all the ups and downs, tips and tricks, sad times, good times, successes and failures. I'm so glad you're out there and I can't wait to start sharing it all with you.

For over six years< I have been solely using Dermaviduals Corneotherapeutic products to keep my skin healthy and functional.


Until recently, when I changed things up in my bathroom and fused my clean skincare with a blanket approach of other standard products. It was a combination of circumstances that prompted me to undertake a mini skin-experiment, combining Dermaviduals corneotherapy and mainstream skincare in my beauty regime. I am Karen, a corneotherapist & skin therapist, specializing in skincare. Skin Analysis is the first step and the beginning for many undertaking a real skin journey to create better and healthier skin. During a skin consultation, I get asked too often, "can I use what I've got left?", "use my cleanser with the range?", "use my make-up with the range?", "purchase just the moisturizer," etc. When the concept of Corneotherapy is clarified, there will often be an understanding and ‘aha-moment’ as to why staying with one skincare regime is the way forward. 


Corneotherapeutic products ARE made with pharmaceutical and pure cosmetic actives, not just mainstream beauty preparations. There are many ingredients incorporated into cosmetics to help develop complex formulations, and although the cosmetics industry is regulated, there are only the basic guidelines present. Bear in mind that rules and regulations are different for Europe and the States. Therefore it's strongly recommended that shoppers should continue educating themselves, staying updated with getting expert advice, learning, and understanding the ingredients in cosmetic formulations. When using a corneotherapeutic skincare line such as Dermaviduals collectively with common non-specific products, you won't get the full benefits for your skin. 


As it happens, It will work against the skin, not getting the most out of your investment. There is no middle ground and meeting in the middle when you begin a skin transformation with corneotherapy. And so I have seen and experienced with my own skin-experiment. Over the years, my skin has improved with aging, and I've been able to help many women and men getting on top of their skin concerns such as acne, perioral dermatitis, rosacea to age managing. In my consultations, I experienced a typical pattern. 


So, I surveyed entrepreneurial women to find that almost always products were purchased, looking at what it's labeled to do, not so much the ingredients.


Image 1


The No1 mistake. 


It might help short term with problems experiencing but typically worsening skin problems and secondary skin concerns arising. Think of acne tarda, dryness, increased sensitivities. Falling down the rabbit hole of adding makeup and exfoliants to the list, and your skin is starting to look like an experiment. Shampoos, cleansers, exfoliants, and wipes - maybe because they fall in the category of solvents? - don't seem to be essential to have the necessary quality to them, their just cleansers, right? Also too often the products in a higher price category are being identified as quality. For the experiment, I have shopped a few products based on the label, price, and everyday habits. I mixed my products with a different cleanser and a higher-priced serum. Still, using the professional skincare that I have used for the last eight years. Two common ingredients found in skincare are:

FRAGRANCES, def. Fragrance and flavor substances are organic compounds with pleasant odors. Perfumes mask unpleasant odors from raw materials. These can be grouped in important sensitizers to rare sensitizers and come under many forms and names. We all have seen commonly Benzyl alcohol, Linalool, Benzyl benzoate, Citronellol, Geraniol listed on the back of typical products. 

PRESERVATIVES, def. Chemicals are added to prevent the growth of microorganisms. E.g., methyl, formaldehyde releaser, benzoic acid, methylparaben, ethylparaben, methamine.

Safe to say, I found a few questionable ingredients in the products that did not support the message on the product. For the mini experiment I chose a cleanser and serum for sensitive and mature skin, intended to calm and hydrate the skin. You can click through on the link provided holding all the ingredients in detail, with their function and behavior. My skincare generally is not extensive, blame it on a busy lifestyle, family, work, I think many can relate. I do religiously cleanse, tone, moisturize with serums and can’t go without my vitamin cream at night.



And this is what happened to my skin after a six-week skin care experiment mixing different skincare lines and crossing products. Towards the end of week 1, I experienced prickly and itchy feelings — If you have read my past and history with skincare, you can understand my sensitive skin is slowly beginning to flaring up again. Well, within the experiment, I had irritation starting to form. My skin felt drier, and my make up didn’t sit nicely during the day. The visuals presented a display of an increase in redness, which means an increase in skin sensitivity. You can see how the addition of a non-supportive cleanser and serum full of unnecessary ingredients will slowly but surely compromise the barrier.

A few comments of what people said to me in the clinic ... “Omg, what happened to your skin? Why is your skin so red … Generally, I don’t always wear foundation, I don’t need it, and I love to ‘show’ what radiant skin can look like without the need for makeup! But, there are times I do, and during my ‘mini-trial,’ I often felt the need for Deco, the Dermaviduals mineral makeup that’s customizable to your skin tone. I did feel better, having a ‘flawless skin’ to minimize blemishes and my stressed skin! What’s more, I can totally understand why people with skin concerns, acne, scars feel the need for makeup to correct and create clear looking skin.

hydration decreased 70.76%


Lipid decreased 89.15%


Erythema increased 28.2%

In a nutshell, avoiding fragrances and preservatives is the best practice when you shop around for skincare. The more the ingredients a product contains, the MORE LIKELY that many of them are unnecessary and unessential for various reasons. A common concept is the facial cleansing wipes found in cosmetics. They are not biodegradable and still commonly used for convenience when on the go. We look at the ingredients in our food therefore it makes sense to look at the ingredients in our skincare. Like our gut microbiome, our skin microbiome will suffer when it's continuously being exposed to harmful elements.

Let's do this,




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