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Six mistakes people make when consuming food










Food is  JOY and besides being mindful of what we eat, we need to take into account HOW we eat.


Mindfulness = “An openly receptive presence that enables a full taking in of information, resulting in an awake quality of the mind that facilitates clarity and recollection by monitoring, in the present moment and without interfering, the internal and external repercussions of whatever is taking place.” this subtle and perceptive definition may well serve the test of time. 

A topic well researched by Bhikkhu Analayo’s most recent book Mindfulness in Early Buddhism: Characteristics and Functions. 

Extending mindfulness to our eating habits, emotional eating, stress eating, or no eating … our emotions come often into play when it comes down to our food consumption.  The way we nourish ourselves can influence our bodies and mind.

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Here are 6 mistakes that people make when consuming food

  • 1- Eating past being full and ignoring the body’s signals to stop eating.
  • 2- Eating when emotions tell us to eat. When we are sad, bored, or lonely.
  • 3- Eating alone, at random times and places. Notably when the elderly have fallen solo.

Eating foods that are emotionally comforting, think of chocolate, and ice cream.

  • 5- Eating and multitasking, are we, not all guilty of eating while watching tv, computer…?
  • 6- Consider eating an end product as eating a meal. Chocolate bars and protein bars anyone?
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What can we do, to get the best from our nutrients?

Let’s take some time to explore and enjoy the food, taste, sight, surroundings, and sound.  How good a meal can look on a plate, brings on your appetite, and with that, you’ve prepped your stomach to digest the food better, leading to greater absorption of nutrients.


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You’ve all heard the expression “making the mouth water”

And that’s exactly what’s meant to happen.