Ed Garman was a founding member of the Transcendental Painting Group and also the author of the primary monograph on the group's most famous member, Raymond Jonson. His geometric abstractions are rare because he retired to his home in Southern California and did not seek to sell many of his paintings during his lifetime. 


One of the facts I remember most about Ed Garman is that he chose to work in a supermarket for many years so that he could have a profession that would not take away from his ability to paint. Something that would pay the bills, but would in no way interfere with the pursuit of his true passion.


How many of us have designed our lives that way? 

How many of us have made sacrifices so that we can just 

follow our dreams?


Garman had a perspective on life that is rare. 

Now in terms of artistic perspective, when you look at this painting, you can get into a space where the colors are protruding and receding. The painting starts to take on a certain dimensionality and a visual rhythm,having an effect somewhat like a Buddhist mantra. 

We are transported. 


Ed Garman, Variations on a Structure No. 9, ca. 1960 - 70