Welcome to the Editorial that moved the dragons.

Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Yes, you did see us on Dragons' Den - we were the (very pregnant) mother daughter duo. And if you're wondering what a tutu shop has to do with being strong, or what was Arlene holding in her hands? You're in the right place. And It has everything to do with how it all started and the women we've met along the way.


The baby blues wasn't just physical. 

It was also up here and in here.



Be stronger than your blues.


Life is more than one big to do list.


And we're more than a tulle shop. We're about resilience. BLUISH started as a project by a new mama who struggled with the blues but chose to pursue joy instead. Over the years, BLUISH has grown and met many women who resonate with our story. Join us as we continue to evolve and find our voice.



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thanks again for tuning in,