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Less than a week to Christmas, or maybe you are wrapping up Hanukkah. Let's get real - how are you? Are you feeling less stressed with less fan-fare this year, or are you mourning your large family get togethers that won't be happening? I miss seeing my friends and festive holiday parties. I always love going to Tommy's work party and meeting their happy clients and his co-workers. BUT - I have to say I do not miss blow-drying my hair and trying to find something fancy that fits.


I am not sure why (ok … a pandemic) but I am also feeling a little less festive in general.  Normally by now, Christmas cards would have gone out, the house would have been fully decorated for weeks already and ALL the presents would be wrapped. Well - the Christmas cards have become New Year's cards, the house is half way decorated and nothing is wrapped. I am also stressed about everyone's desire to do what we always do and the desire to get together. It's trying to find the balance between being the family bah-humbugger and not being a super-spreader. Part of me is ready to just skip to January! 


Have a fabulous week! Enjoy your immediate family, check in on those who are alone and are feeling down… and if you can give to your local food bank or find a way to help a child in need find a little Christmas.

xo, whitney



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