December 20, 2020


Hello Friends!


Dear First name / Friend,


This is a friendly reminder that Christmas is - umm THIS week. Like Friday. Which means Christmas Eve is on Thursday. Am I the only one who honestly didn't realize this???  


Having no little kids to keep the magic alive for has really had an impact this year. My biggest to-do this week is getting to the ATM a few times so I can withdrawal some cash to wrap up. Of course I'm exaggerating the situation a little bit and am not a complete scrooge, but it really is different. 


I know there are many of you that are having a hard time finding any humor in all this. I'm thinking about those of you who are alone, widowed and/or with grown kids who are living out of the house (congrats on that one btw). And those with precious grandchildren that you can't see this year (can only imagine how hard that must be).


I kid about the zoo that is my house with all these man-boys, dogs and Mary with me…but God knows I'm so blessed by it all and truly grateful. 


Anyway, no matter your situation, I hope you find a way to experience joy this week. And take comfort in the fact that 2020 is finally coming to an end. 



Now, back to the fun and frivolity that is B.Styled;)



Something else I'm very grateful this year is that I do NOT work in logistics or for any of the shipping carriers….especially USPS. What a disaster. All I can say is we need to cut them a break - as well as the retailers who depend on them - and realize life is not going to end if our gifts don't arrive on time….as irritating as it can be. (Of course if the gift is from Santa for a 4 year old and it doesn't arrive…that is another story. Get the CPR kit ready).  


This post on my FB page got a lot of funny responses and stories. Two favorites: 😂

Kim M: My Amazon pkg was delivered to a “secure location”? Customer service suggested that might be at a neighbor's house.

Maria N: FedEx invited me to go and get my package in person because it was is in a warehouse… in California...(Maria lives in MA)

Jill C: My girlfriend had to unplug her Alexa. Alexa was listening and everything they talked about started popping up on their social media as ads!




(Btw locals…. my son Jared is working for UPS in the area, so keep an eye out for him;)

Image 1



I have to say, I'm very proud of myself as I have been keeping up with these 3 habits pretty well. And it's not because I'm some sort of model of motivation and health, but more because I don't want to be a hypocrite and talk about it and not actually do it myself. The 30 minutes/day is the hardest for me on snow days and weekends…but I've been doing it, and I swear it helps. Here's a reminder and a new check-in video:   


1. 20-30 min. daily movement ✅ 


2. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water ✅ 


3. #justgetdressed. NOT dressed UP, not fashion-obsessed or vain..just DRESSED in a way that makes you feel good. ✅ 


I'm not exaggerating when I say the Winter Style System has been a GAME CHANGER  this year. I don't have to think about what to wear or whether or not to #justgetdressed. I just do it.  And have the formula that tells me what to put on my body. 


Without the prompts, it would be a grim situation over here, trust me;)  I'm going to run it again after Christmas, since clearly we  have A LOT more winter ahead...So click here to be notified


Also, join my free private #justgetdressed VIP's FB group to get accountability and advice and an amazing community of women.



First it was "athleisure", and now pajamas have become the new daily-wear for many of us. You know where I stand on this and my #justgetdressed

mantra...but if we're going to stay in our jams all day (it is 2020 after all;) they may as well be cute. What's your go-to style? Need an update? I recommend visiting Soma, or I just got the  Lansom Lounge Set set and wear them with a cardigan or cocoon and call it dressed;) 


Check out my Peach friend, Vicki: in the lansom lounge pants (comes with a matching top) and the simply soft ribbed tank and cocoon (all in cream/cloud). Thinking this may be the perfect New Years Eve outfit;) How gorgeous??? And comfy….And she even matches her cute pooch;)


Image 1


Image 1

Between quarantines, lock-downs and snow storms, we're spending LOTS of time at home…An easy recipe for going waaaay off the rails  (spoken as the girl who’s hanging onto the last rail for dear life).


You know the expression “use the good china”? Now’s a really good time to put that into practice. Since cooking’s not my thing, I’m translating the advice to #justgetdressed. Wear the velvet top. Put on the blingy earrings. Wear pants with a button (or not ). 


This too shall pass and the things we do over the next 2-3 months will have a huge impact on how we emerge this SPRING.  So this week get all dolled up, open that bottle you’ve been “saving” and celebrate something. Deal??

Wishing you a Merry & Blessed 

(and healthy) 





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