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hey there, friend!

Whelp, we made it.  I can't believe the new year is only a week away. 


I've spent a lot of time the past few days taking stock, laying out intentions, and evaluating how the year has really gone.  I don't usually make resolutions for the new year, but instead I like to review what I happened in the past year, and make a general intention for the new year. 


This year, it's a real short list of accomplishments:  Survival.

That's it.  Because that's the only thing that matters.  I survived 2020.

No matter what shape you're in, you made it, too.  Congratulations!!!  You did good!


Also, last year's intention / statement was: “Make It Good With What You've Got”.

LOLZ HAHAH but also did I jinx us?  Do I have that kind of power?

Some small moments of joy this week:

A book I adored is making it to the little screen

This vintage Hollywood house is the stuff of dreams
Very excited for Roxane Gay's new book club

This elopement was so sweet and chic

I am obsessed with the earrings from We Dream In Color


Long live the Big White Couch

I shared my Year In Shopping on the blog this week, go ahead and treat yourself, okay?


And that's it!  Again, I say a huge THANK YOU to you for following along on this journey with me since January.  I NEVER expected a simple weekly email to take such a turn into a cathartic weekly journal entry. Thank you for reading my ramblings, for reaching out, for sharing your stories, and for joining me here in this space each week. You're the best!

Finally, here are my favorite things that have absolutely gotten me through 2020.  A greatest hits, if you will.  I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be:



So.  The Pantone Color of the Year.  Or Colors - which is fine and a thing they've done before but…. this year?  I just don't know.  They feel so non-commital, which is the LAST thing I want right now.  So I'm going to think about it a bit this week and pull together my deeper thoughts for my annual New Year's Day color of the year post.  In the meantime, please enjoy this GORGEOUS combo of gown + model by Christian Siriano.  This yellow seems more hopeful to me, and frankly, much easier to work with than the one Pantone selected but, IDK?

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And hey, if you're looking for some thoughtful design help for your overwhelming project, I'm here for you!  Because you're totally allowed to ask for help.


Take care of yourself, okay?





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