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hey there, friend!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I spent this week taking a brief ‘rest' (even though I ended up writing a lot and doing some non-profit design work) and getting ready to welcome the next year.  And lots of books, movies, and lackadaisically finishing up home projects left hanging as we survived what the last year threw at us.


Including a couple'a changes around here…thought with a new year she needed a new look! 


Changes around the business, too, as I've made the big decision to no longer offer event design.  Maybe not forever, but at least for now.  I've loved the clients I've worked with, and the parties I've worked on were simply amazing (and there are some special local friends I'll always work with if they want me), but it really just didn't make sense anymore for West | South.  


And even though it's a scary thing to close that door, you know what? It's also SO freeing.  Being able to concentrate solely on thoughtful whole home design, and to make space in my brain for new ideas has me feeling excited for what's next - which is how I know it's exactly the right move.  However, it's not like you'll never see inspiration here with an event bend, because I still contain multitudes.


Some small moments of joy lately:

A sneak peak of the new Beatles doc from Peter Jackson

Mr. Colley's words of encouragement

Maybe if we're real quiet about it we won't scare this new year off

Painting an underwater mural

A coloring book for floor tile from our friends at Fireclay

I hope the vaccine makes me feel this way, too

Googling the ways to feel less tired all the time

If the Greeks were YouTubers

Chani's new app is incredible if Astrology is your thing


Here are the other things that got me through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be:


Pin of the Week

I find myself reaching for more, lately, at least when it comes to design.  More color, more pattern, more layers and accessories.  Not only with what I'm wearing but with what I want to put in my house.  So this pin of a bedroom by Nathalie Farman of Décors Barbares from British Vogue ticks a lot of boxes for me right now.  But it's a process, and right now I'm at the I LOVE THAT stage and not necessarily the I'M BUYING AND INSTALLING THAT stage. But we'll get there.


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