The Super Mailer

Welcome to the first official edition of The Super Mailer, a new weekly newsletter covering everything to do with Super & beyond.

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Static Site Improvements

+ Added new image component (optimized, cached, faster loading times)
+ Added support for database descriptions
+ Improved site performance by preloading fonts

+ Improved integration support for Google analytics

+ Fixed images that wouldn't display within Notion lists
+ Fixed several bugs making static sites more stable overall

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New Template — “Air”

We just released a fresh new portfolio template, perfect for showcasing your work as a designer, photographer, or content creator. Also, it's free.

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Creator Spotlight

Today's creator spotlight goes to Greyson Quinn, for crafting a thoughtful, well-designed portfolio website which inspired us to make our own template within the same category. Check out his site, and don't forget to get inspired along the way.

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PS. We're on Twitter

As we create more guides & templates, we'll be sharing most of that on Twitter before anywhere else. Follow along for real-time updates.


What's next?

Support for page properties and site search. Meanwhile, we're working on a huge overhaul to the dashboard to support features like per-page settings, password-protected sites, custom navbars, and more.


Also, quick question!

Which site templates do you want to see next from us?

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