Fashionable Ethical Clothing.


I’ve Got A Soft Spot For Fashion And When I Discovered Maggie Marilyn’s Fashionable Ethical Clothing, I Was Nothing But Impressed!

“I’m a perfectionist and have a strong sense of perception and direction regarding consumer goods.” MM.

Maggie speaks up on her strategy to build strong, trusting relationships with small groups of suppliers and be recognized with the highest ethics and environmental management standards. 

“I simply cannot turn a blind eye. I believe it is my responsibility to do better than those before me. Of course, I want to produce clothing that enriches the lives of the customer, but for me to want to be any part of this industry, my clothing also has to enrich the lives of the people involved in my textile and garment production as well.” Maggie M.

This statement holds so much truth and completely resonates with me as an entrepreneur serving many women and being a consumer myself.



I’ve included a few of her top tips on taking care of your clothing items.


Whether it is your new Maggie Marilyn piece or any of your cotton items, here are some helpful tips to ensure a long and loving life!

  • Reduce shrinkage by washing in cold water. Avoid the risk of dye running by always washing with similar colors.


  • Although we prefer to hand wash, cotton can handle a gentle or delicate cold machine wash.  To hand-wash, pop in a bucket with cold water and Ecostore detergent. Swish them around, leave to sit for a few minutes. If your garment needs particular spot cleaning attention, you can gently rub Sard soap on marks, underarms, or necklines.


  • Rinse the garment in cold water to remove all soap residue, and squeeze softly until the water stops dripping. Avoid wringing the garment as this can damage the fibers. Hang to dry somewhere out of direct sunlight.


Growing up in a rural, coastal region of New Zealand, Maggie Hewitt’s appreciation for and desire to protect our natural world was intrinsically engrained.

Her love for fashion led her to study Fashion & Sustainability, through which she pulled back the glamorous curtain of fashion and saw an industry that needed fixing, and fast. Maggie saw it as her mission to build a brand that championed transparency, empowered people and ensured our planet’s health was at the forefront of every decision. Maggie Marilyn was founded to make a difference in an industry that needed change.




Loving it all?


You can read more on Maggie's mission and vision for her brand and how this impacts the fashion world — on her website here.

This is not an affiliate link. I highly recommend and just love Maggie’s pieces, work-ethic, passion for fashion, and sustainability.



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