Leave or Leverage?

Leave or leverage?  Many are quick to dismiss 2020.  Yet to diminish the experiences and discoveries would be a crucial loss of valuable resources.  A loss of learning we can leverage to face challenges that are a natural part of our life and work.


Here are a few questions to create conversations personally and professional.  Questions that emerge discoveries and opportunities that may have gotten lost in the day to day scurry.



What challenge[s] did I navigated in 2020?

What did I discover about myself while I navigated the challenge[s]?



What regret do I have in 2020?

What action can I take can to leverage the lessons from that regret?



What positive discoveries and opportunities did I have in 2020?

How will I take the discoveries into 2021 to expand the positive impact?





You get to decide.  

Will you leave the lessons behind or leverage them?  Building upon the learning to create environments, experiences and exploration that inspire living and working with greater intention and joy…for yourself and those you influence.


You get to influence 2021.

If you are ready to process what may feel like mounting losses and chaos towards hope and clarity or curious on capitalizing on what you've discovered and how you can leverage the learning in 2021, let's create a conversation!