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happy new year, y'all!

We're the Johnson family & welcome to the Panhandle Greenhouses weekly newsletter! In a nutshell, I try to give you all of the tips, tricks, & special sales that are happening each week. Follow along as we share everything we know when it comes to lawn, gardening, decor, & more!

Happy New Year, Y'all! 

If you have been following along on our newsletter prior to this, you may have noticed that we changed it up jussssst a bit. Literally, new year, new us. (wink)


This is the first newsletter of the new year, so we want to recap a bit from the crazy year we had in 2020. It started out like any “normal” year. Then, in March, I remember sitting in our hotel room at the Lubbock Home & Garden Show watching the craziness unfold on the television. We didn't know what to expect at that time, we just used plenty of hand sanitizer & didn't shake many hands. With little knowledge of how the following months would go, we began planning out how to keep our business up & running with limited human contact. We were extremely short staffed & unknowing what the following day would bring. I was 6 months pregnant & decided it was best that I stay home & answer phone calls because the employees were unable to answer due to large volumes of new gardeners needing assistance. We quickly learned that many decided that since they were unable to vacation, it would be beneficial to invest in their lawn & garden. The amount of plants that we grow in a normal year was not nearly enough to suffice. We were seeding vegetables, only to have them leaving the greenhouses days later. Our American made furniture went from 3 day lead times to 8 week lead times. We even closed on Mother's Day, which has never happened. 2020 was the 29th year of Panhandle Greenhouses, & without a doubt the most insane year, yet. But we survived with the support of our local friends & family.


All in all, we want to thank you all for sticking by us through each season. We are still learning & growing, while trying to find ways to exceed your expectations. We pray that 2021 is a year that everyone prospers & thrives. We also ask that you join us this year as we strive to grow the highest quality of plants, bring in unique & lasting patio furniture, & give the best customer service that you have come to know & love over the years. 

For the plants that grow the best, come to the folks who know the best.

Back to business. Now is a great time to begin preparing your raised beds for the growing season. We have all of the materials & compost you need to get a head start on amending your growing areas. If you need help planning your raised beds, we are always happy to help!


We still have PLENTY of firewood left in stock. If you are running low after the holidays, swing by & stock up for the remaining winter months! 


If you're out & about, stop by & check out our clearance section! We have 75% off decor from last season that is sure to brighten up your indoor or outdoor space. 


We are really excited to see you all this year! Thank you all for your love & support in 2020. We couldn't do what we do without you. 

Much love,

Caitlyn & the Crew


We collect and reuse Rain Water!

2012: 108,665 gallons

2013: 108,696 gallons

2014: 123,193 gallons

2015: 181,051 gallons

2016: 123,879 gallons

2017: 141,951 gallons

2018: 106,330 gallons

2019: 139,057 gallons

2020: 85,762 gallons