HAPPY NEW YEAR  | VOL.43 | 2020 

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Dear First name / sweet friend


Happy New Year! Doesn't it feel great to say that this year?!


I'm writing you a quick note today because I am in the middle of easing out a little this week.  A few days ago, my gut told me to take the first week of the new year and scale back a bit - to take my own self care advice, to spend more time with my son, to really look at where my energy is spent from the time I wake until the time I go to sleep and to reflect on the past year.  It was a little scary to think about taking time like this, but I realized that was even MORE reason why I needed to do it…so I'm doing it!


I will still be teaching classes, fulfilling orders and answering messages once a day (ha I know but this IS the scaled back version!), but other than that I am going to be putting my laptop down for the week. I'm really excited for this time, and I'm letting you know to once more encourage you to reflect on your past year - even if it's just for a few quiet minutes. (My new yin classes below could be the perfect time for this, I hope that you will join me!)


I wish you a beautiful start to your year.





- Crystal Of The Week : Black Tourmaline

- Journal Prompt : words & resolutions

- Practice with me : 

New January Schedule

(virtual) January New Moon Circle | Wild Moon Circles

- January Crystal Giveaway





Black Tourmaline ▵⁣⁣⁣ neutralize negative energy⁣

I love to use in my intention practices for :⁣⁣

Blocking negative energy ⁣
Clearing destructive thoughts⁣
Sparking feelings of peace⁣
Cleansing ⁣
Soothing anxiety + tension⁣

Black Tourmaline benefits your Root Chakra. 

Keep it near your bedside table, in your car, at your desk, or wear.⁣

* I also LOVE to pair Black Tourmaline with other crystals (like quartz and selenite!)



use these journal prompts this week if they inspire you


Are you a word of the year or resolution person?  Both?  Neither?  What is your new year ritual?!  This week's journal prompt is to inspire the beginning of your year.



What are my feelings and emotions as I head into this year?

What does 2021 mean to me?

What is my word of the year (if you have one)?  Why, what does it mean to me?

What are my resolutions (if you have any)?  Why, what do they mean to me?

What is important to my heart and soul?

How do I want to show up this year?  What will inspire me to remember this?

What self care is important to me this year?  How will I come to it regularly?

What am I currently dreaming about?




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So excited for the new class schedule!  

Classes are still pay what you can moving into the new year.

Moving forward, please reserve your spot for each class (this helps me to gauge attendance and even allows you to put in requests for class!).  

Check out the class descriptions below :


(virtual) Yin Yoga w/ Crystals

(crystals optional)

* note the newest time slot addition, Thursdays at 6pm mst


Join Jenny White for an hour dedicated to quiet yin yoga movement & crystal intention setting within the comfiness of your own space, the ultimate hour of self care.  Class will be a QUIET hour for you to practice with your own intention.  Jenny will verbally guide you through each pose, transition, and will teach you about incorporating crystals into your practice.


Yin yoga is a gentle form of yoga - appropriate for any level - and divine self care. In yin, we hold poses for longer amounts of time to allow gravity to take over, our parasympathetic nervous system to kick in gear, and calm in our mind and body. Yin allows you to come back to you.


During this class, you're invited to bring a crystal to your mat (it's not required). You'll learn how to set simple intentions with it and will be able to use it near your mat or on your body throughout practice.


Zoom online studio space opens 15 min ahead of class time so that you can get settled.


(virtual) 30 Min Abs & Booty Mat Pilates

(class on trial for January)


Join Jenny White for a mid-day mat pilates workout, focused on core and booty. We will have fun, sweat and strengthen for a quick but effective 30 minutes to kick off the week!


Class is all levels.


Zoom online studio space opens 15 min ahead of class time so that you can get settled.





(virtual) JANUARY NEW MOON CIRCLE | Wild Moon Circles

WHEN : Tuesday, January 12, 2021 6:00pm

LOCATION : virtual

INVESTMENT :  pay what you can

*please note - virtual studio opens at 5:45pm for this event so that we can get settled and chat before the circle.  Circle begins at 6:00pm sharp.


The new moon represents deep feminine wisdom.  Engaging regularly with the moon cycles is a powerful way to become intimately connected with the phases of birth, death and rebirth.  


In our lives, we too are constantly moving through these cycles, seasons and changes. Connecting to and working with the moon as she cycles creates a life of deeper meaning and more authentic connection as we are able to live a life with more awareness and intention.  It also provides a regular opportunity for self care and checking in with yourself.


Join Lisa Reeder (Wild Souls Yoga) & Jenny White (MoonRise Self Care) in a virtual women's circle experience curated for this specific month, inspired by nature and a unique intention.  We will practice grounding techniques, breath work and development of our intuition & personal experience all infused with yin yoga poses.  We will share space with each other to receive, connect and create


ps Lisa is teaching a virtual yin class directly after - it's the BEST double if you're able to attend both!

Pay what you can. This is a donation based event, pay what you are able. 





It was so meaningful to launch the MoonRise Channel on YouTube this year.  It is my goal to provide you ways to come back to yourself as often as possible, and providing you content on a free platform is very important to me.


I'll be taking time during the last few weeks of the year to create videos for you and plan for the new year.  As always, please reply to this email if there is a particular video that you're wanting me to create!  I'm always looking for inspiration from you.


PLEASE subscribe + turn notifications on so that you never miss a new release to the channel.


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I believe that kindness matters, in uplifting someone else, in the ripple effect and in paying it forward.  I believe that the world needs more love and kindness and that we have the potential to change someone's day with a small gesture.

When I began the MoonRise crystal boutique, I knew that I wanted to incorporate a #CrystalRippleEffect into it from the start, so I began gifting a FREE crystal with every purchase.  It's become one of the most important parts of the boutique to me.  With each purchase, you'll receive a free crystal - you could keep it for your collection, gift to a friend or share with a stranger.  Set an intention behind it and pass those vibes on!  


For the entire month of January, you'll be gifted a Black Tourmaline point with any purchase totaling $60+!


Nothing special for you to do, a piece will automatically be sent when your purchase totals $60+.


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A few weeks ago, I began a weekly tradition called the #CrystalRippleEffect.  It's a weekly giveaway to help pay some good forward.  

Every Sunday I'll host a contest on the MoonRise Instagram Stories to send TWO Rose Quartz points to the winner - one for them and one to gift to a friend or stranger.  I hope that it assists in spreading more love.  


Be sure to follow us @MoonRiseSelfCare to enter every week!





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Thank you for reading.  

I hope that this journal is a happy weekly love note in your inbox.

xo, jenny