New Year!

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Here is too a healthy and happy new year


I hope that you all had a happy and healthy holiday season and are optimistic about the year ahead. (even though we have a long way to go).  I am excited to feel a little healthier in the New Year and possibly get my rings to fit back on my fingers - so I am starting a health & wellness month on the blog.  Nothing drastic - but just so that we can feel a little lighter and happier a month from now. I know I haven't necessarily had the best habits during lockdown and I need to make some changes.  So join me for a fun month of self-improvement in doable doses. 


Over the years I have learned what makes me feel better - it's just the execution that I often have a hard time with.  So I am going to try this month to hunker down, so when we all get vaccinated and head back out into the world I will look presentable and feel like myself again.


In the meantime I have made a fun Health & Wellness guide for you to have, full of information, some challenges and some of my favorite health & wellness resources.

download the guide


Thank you so much for being a part of everything we do!
See you next week, friend.


xo, whitney