Well—now that you're here, have a look atPip’s journey, an excellent example of what happens to the skin when combining conventional skincare with weak formulations, wrong skin care treatments, and protocols + throw in a dose of Doxycycline ...



Pip first came to see me for a skin analysis in June 2019.  She suffered severely from perioral dermatitis. In the past, she had a long journey with Doxycycline [an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections] as well as using a mixture of cosmetics + having different facial treatments with her regular beauty therapist.


It’s evident that applying a corneotherapeutic approach for this skin can turn around perioral dermatitis and the skin barrier, big time.  Corneotherapy is a skincare approach that keeps in mind the skin barrier, meaning keeping your skin microbiome intact at all times.  This has a positive effect on inflammatory skin conditions such as poor corneocyte compaction, pigmentation, acne, and rosacea.


During pregnancy, Pips’ perioral dermatitis has flared up, more aggressive than previous times, which in turn caused her more stress. Her stress and worries were also a driver and a contributing factor to her perioral dermatitis.  In addition, previous skincare treatments were not supportive, had stripped her skin barrier, in turn causing inflammation and discomfort.  




11 June 2019


2 July 2019


The before and after photo shows that the skin started to recover rapidly.  By using the right approach —in selecting minimal products BUT correct ingredients, the barrier

started to repair, making the skin comfortable straight away for the client.  Small steps were needed to make progress with soothing the skin and reducing inflammation, the transition to further home care, and treatments are made easy.


The skin got to a point; it was causing incredible discomfort with itching and pain. Pip, at the time, was eight months pregnant.  Her appearance affected her confidence, and she felt uncomfortable.

Internal health needed looking after as well as her skin & a referral to a naturopath was made to help the internals. All other cosmetics stopped and support with MAX + LED treatments was needed to decrease the inflammation. 

Fixing and helping skins is s a changing process, with intense follow up needed,  team effort really.  Skincare has to be adapted quicker to help with the rapid (and positive) changes that happen in the skin.  


Advanced Skin Analysis explores what has happened to the skin to become to behave a certain way.  Finding the root cause of the problem instead of applying a bandaid solution. It becomes expensive when you are trialing products and can ‘cost’ your skin so dearly. An advanced skin analysis is your roadmap to beautiful healthy skin.

I’m ready for this!



Pip's skin has healed incredibly and her ‘skin journey’ is still very active, she is looking forward to continuing her next steps.