By Nature, I am not an organized person.

When my husband and I combined homes in 2017, it took two years to create a functional space that complemented both of our lives. By nature, I am nurturing, but I lack the genes for organization. I attest this to growing up with my single dad part-time and the other part, living with my mom who rarely left anything out of place. I think this willed me confused with too few tidying tools as a teenager. I did always love the way my mom kept her home. To this day, something is comforting in that everything is still the same, and in precisely the same place.


Today, at thirty years old, I am slowly transitioning into a replica of my mom. I'm slightly neurotic about wearing shoes in the house and I often find myself following my husband around after he walks in the door to ensure our now organized home goes unchanged.


Through my studies and personal practice, I have learned there are many tremendous health benefits of living organized too. From a boost in productivity to less stress, more satisfying sleep, better weight management, a decrease in anxiety, plus an improved sense of self, a functional space leads to function all around.


Like exercise and a healthy diet, becoming organized is a lifestyle and practice that doesn't happen overnight. Over time, even the most unorganized people can find function especially with help from an expert.


Insert, Kristi.


I first met Kristi six years ago when we worked together at CorePower Yoga Headquarters. Though we did not work together long, I have a vivid memory of her very inviting office area. Complete with a small candy jar that welcomed those who passed by. Unlike me, Kristi's organized nature runs deep in her DNA.


When I found out she had left her twenty-year career in marketing this summer to pursue organizing full-time, I immediately looked her up! As I said, I have to work hard at being organized, and hiring an expert like Kristi would not only improve my space, but it would only advance my organizing skills. And that it did!


So, when I thought of the topic, "Organizing Your Way to Health," she was the first person I thought of to feature and share with y'all! Take a look at our Q&A to learn more about Kristi, the clear benefits of investing in this practice, and for tips on how to improve the function of your spaces!

what gave you the courage to pivot your professional career into organizing?

Timing was everything! I would have never embarked on this journey five years ago, or even two years ago. It was the culmination of many things at the right time… 20 years in the business world, with the most recent five years in franchising helping small businesses; turning 40 and being comfortable in my own skin; yearning to have more purpose in my life, and having a major epiphany that made me realize I have a skill to offer the world!

Why is being organized personally important to you?

Sanity. When I’m organized, everything is better. I’m more productive, I have clarity, and I feel so much happier, inspired, and focused. When all these things are in sync, I’m present for the things that matter most, like family, friends, and myself, and that keeps my mental wellbeing in check!

After you complete an organizing job, what shifts do you notice in your client?

My goal is to help clients love the space they’re in both physically and mentally. Disorganization and excess can weigh on people more than they realize. Once that’s been alleviated, it’s amazing how clients immediately feel a sense of relief and are more productive as a result. Plus, they love how pretty the new space is, and that always brings smiles and a rediscovered love for the space. I recently worked with a client on her master closet, and when we were done, she was beaming and said, “I think I’m going to sleep in here tonight!”

What are the benefits of hiring you?

The Knock Out Method! Every project I take on is incredibly personal, so I customize my approach for each client, but my proven method (The KO Method) makes it as easy as possible for the client. I take care of everything from space planning to product purchasing, custom installs, hands-on organizing, cleaning, and removal — whatever it takes to transform a client's home into an organized space that makes them a healthier, happier human. Most importantly, it’s collaborative, and it’s always 100% judgment-free and handled with the utmost compassion.

The Home Edit & the coronavirus have increased the popularity of organizing, how do you see this popularity benefiting the long term health of our communities even if they are beginning this process without a professional?

Yes! These things have glamorized having beautiful, clutter-free spaces, and made people realize the profound effect organization can have on your quality of life. When you have an organized space, it can alleviate stress and anxiety, especially when you feel like you don’t have control over external factors. Your home is one thing you CAN control, and when it’s tidy and orderly, it can provide a sense of much-needed peace during times of uncertainty. I think all of us appreciate our homes more than ever, and I believe this will continue even as things return to normal, which can only help us and our communities as a whole.

How has your own organizing journey impacted your health?

I am forever grateful for my former career, as it prepared me for entrepreneurship and introduced me to you and many other amazing people. However, I never really felt like I belonged (imposter syndrome to the max!), I worked long hours, and while I had a lot of success, I lacked personal fulfillment from my daily work. All those things caused more stress than I realized. Starting my business has enabled me to have better balance, be active (organizing is very physical!), and have a sense of purpose. All of these things have made a tremendous impact on my wellbeing. I literally feel like a new person, and I know it’s because I’m doing something I’m truly passionate about and something that’s TOTALLY me.

When you organized my kitchen, it was especially relieving how judgment-free you were. How do you release any judgment before going into a new client’s space? Let’s face it, I imagine some clients have polar-opposite spaces than you!

I’m so glad to hear that! That’s really important and critical for the success of a project. Organizing is very personal and sometimes emotional, and people need to feel comfortable with me. I always go into a space with the end result in mind. Most of my clients come to me because they don’t know where to start, they need a system, they feel stressed, and/or overwhelmed, and I’m there to fix that. I truly get excited to help them solve the puzzle of their space, and I derive an abnormal amount of pleasure from the process! Tackling disorganization is what I imagine it’s like for hiking fanatics to climb a 14er. The process is what makes it fun, and what you encounter along the way is what makes it special. People’s belongings are important to them, and I’m there to help them discover which items matter most, and create a home for them - whether it’s special momentos or spoons!

For those who may not be able to invest in your services at this time, what advice do you have for those beginning their organizing journey alone? 

The biggest mistake I see people make is they’ll buy cute bins on a whim, and then organize from there. You have to organize first, and then buy products according to the items that need to be contained and the size of the space. Also, commit to an entire room (vs one drawer), and dedicate time to do it. It will always require more time than you think! What rooms are most important? Whichever space stresses you out the most, which is likely a space you spend the most time in. And be prepared, oftentimes one space will naturally lead to organizing another space as you will likely find items that need to be stored elsewhere. Where do you even begin? Once you’ve identified a space, take everything out. This is a crucial step, so don’t skip it. Example, if you’re doing your kitchen - remove everything from every drawer and cabinet. Categorize like items. Purge items you don’t want or use. Then organize from there based on function. Buy the products you need last. Turn on some fun tunes and enjoy the process! It will feel SO good when you’re done.

How can people contact you?

Email, call, text, or message me through my website or on social!


Kristi Omdahl



In good health, Courtney