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well this was quite a week!

This month I am focusing on health & wellness, and I think when most of us hear that we think of getting in shape and losing the “COVID 19” that we may have gained in 2020, but let's talk about mental health and wellness. I know a lot of us were hoping to put 2020 to bed with the New Year and move on to something better. Well, this week was not better … this is not better.  I think as much as we want to get healthier to fit into our pants with zippers by the time we get vaccinated and back into the world, we can't forget to also nurture our mental health.  


This week I wrote a post on The Health Benefits of Gratitude and Journaling. It is so true that our mental and physical health are so intertwined. Personally, it can be a positive cycle or a vicious cycle.  By that I mean, if I work out, eat healthily I feel mentally better.  But if my anxiety or depression starts to take over then I don't want to work out or eat better and I feel even worse. So my realistic goals that I have set for myself are not just for a lower dress size but to keep myself on the right side of the cycle! 


My friend put it into the perfect terms today.  She said we are all treading water right now. That is exactly how it feels. The world feels so out of control right now that it's hard to create habits that would be hard to keep during a normal year. For instance - I started the week with healthy breakfasts like a protein shake or an egg on avocado toast, and today - well I had spreadable cheddar on ritz crackers (and no - I wasn't even drinking last night 🤪).  So the struggle is real!  


Let's be kind to ourselves - these are not normal times and we need to just do the best we can!

xo, whitney

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