We have 

exciting news!!


As 2021 ushers in a new year that is much needed for many of us, BConnected will be writing a new chapter for the company 

moving forward.


Up to this point, BConnected has offered one primary service offering and molded that to fit the needs of each client.


That changes today. Moving forward BConnected is rolling out three new brands of services to adapt to the ever-changing world of social media, and better adapt to each client's needs.


Our bread and butter service, aimed at dedicating weekly hours to grow your social media pages and presence through ongoing content and a focus on engagement.


Weekly "blocks" of hours for social media management


Content Creation

Community Building and Page Growth


Ongoing Analytics and Reporting


A BRAND NEW offering from BConnected, aimed at using social to generate sales and leads for companies.


A team of campaign specialists will develop trackable funnels that will be specifically aimed at business development and optimizing advertising strategies across social media platforms.


Agile team that runs and optimizes paid campaigns



Original Ad content produced in-house

Custom-developed landing pages optimized for conversions


Hand-in-hand partnerships with our clients



Capture helps brands tackle individual content creation projects that aren't on a retainer basis. These are aimed at anywhere from photography needs, live streaming, or high end video production.



High-end social media content production



Video, photography, and 

live-streaming capabilities

Special Projects Supervisor leads a Director, Camera Operator, and Editor


Full use of a content studio with Blank Slate Collective



If you would like to learn more about any of these new services, please feel free to reach out to your Account Leader at BConnected or the link below.

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