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Hey, First name / friend. How are you feeling?


Sitting down to write this week's installment of the frivolous happenings in my world felt wrong after Wednesday's events in DC. I keep thinking that this is exactly how the Handmaid's Tale started, and then my brain goes to a very dark place.


But I'm neither shocked nor surprised that it's come to this. If you are, I would ask why you haven't been paying attention. The white supremacist terrorists we all saw on TV this week (and yes, that's what they are) have been very vocal for a very long time. They've told us exactly who they are and what they stand for.


They made merch.


And one-half of Congresspeople have been openly supporting them for a very long time. Encouraging them.


But I keep asking myself, what can I do about it? I wish I had a simple answer for you.


The first thing I would say is don't look away. Keep paying attention. 


But also, think about how your internet clicks and usage support this behavior.


Get to know your Congresspeople. And your local officials, too.


Tell them how you feel. Often and honestly.


Run against them (or simply help the people that are) so that you and your ideals are genuinely represented in the halls of power.  


As ever, you should rest when you need rest, and do what you need to survive. But please, don't ignore what's happening. Don't look away for too long.  


My greatest wish is to be back with you next week with a more lighthearted tone because I have hope that good things can still happen in this world. Stay safe, make smart choices, and I'll be back with you soon.

with hope,



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