3 Tips to Successfully Reach Your Goals

We Focus On What We Have To Do Instead, Of Who We Have To Be!

2021 is in full swing and by this point you have started talking about your Goals and Resolutions… if you haven't already created some Resolutions and Goals by now.


I want to give a couple tips that have helped me stay on track and reach many goals, or at least get farther then I would have if I had quit.

And don't forget, you always have the option to quit… so you might as well keep going.

  1. Once you create your goals/resolutions make them bigger:  As soon as you do that you immediately understand who you have to be and what you have to do to be more than your original goal.  

    Example: Goal: Increase my income to Six figures within 5 years!  *What would you have to do in order to reach that?

    Alternate Goal:  Increase my income to One Million Dollars within 5 years! *What would you have to do in order to reach that.

    Do you do the same things to reach both goals or does each goal demand more or less.  This is the power of making them bigger, as well as the fear of doing so.

    You recognize there is a different amount of effort and thinking needed for each.

    We many times underestimate the amount of effort we need in order to succeed so increasing the goal allows you to see what increased effort will be needed.
  2. Be The Person First:  We create goals around doing something which leads to failing because we aren't fixing the problem of why we aren't already doing those things.

    We need to strengthen out thoughts around who you need to be in order to succeed as that person.  You need to increase your belief in who you are and what type of person you need to become first.  Trying to do that actions without changing who you are and your beliefs first make it very hard to succeed.  

    When we become the person who does the things to reach out goals, we never stop because we have changed who we are.
  3. Write Down Your Goals Daily: I write down my goals every day as if they have already happened.  This makes me think about what I need to do daily in order to get closer to reaching them.  They sometimes change as well, which is totally fine.

    I increase my goals until I feel I am getting crazy.  It allows me to think about what I need to do to accomplish them.  Then, I know in order to reach them I have to be willing to do more than I originally thought.



Stop focusing first on what you have to do… and instead focus on who you need to become first, the doing takes care of itself.  Become the person who does those things.


Think like the person you want to become now.  You don't magically become someone new, you decide to.  You become them by deciding that's who you are and go.  


Reaching your goals and erasing the idea of a finish line happens sooner then you think… when you become the person first.   There is no end when you change who you are.



When you Become the person, then do what they would do, you get to have more then you could ever imagine!


Nick Urankar