Jan. 11th, 2021

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hey y'all! 


i hope you are welcoming 2021 personally with compassion. even as it wails and fights like a child, by meeting ourselves and any moment with compassion, we allow things to unfold as they need to.


i have a zz plant that just a few weeks ago i took to my local garden store. i was worried because their leaves were yellowing and falling off. i thought it was my fault, that i needed some guidance on how to correctly care for them. the gardener explained to me that it’s not me at all, zz plants go through a sort of letting go process that allows them to grow new shoots and sprout again. for each root that was letting go an older stem, a new stem was just starting to break through.


my zz plant reminded me that letting go and growing go hand in hand with the cycle of living. as the muse/ gift Toi Smith mentioned today in her newsletter: its about balance. there is little space to receive what we desire if we do not also look with compassionate eyes for what we need to let go of. this is living & there’s nothing wrong with letting go. its a sign of allowing, surrendering, unfolding, balancing. every now and then, it is simply time to let go and allow in what you need for what is next.


what do you need to let go of from your whole body space to make room for what is already meant for you?


self-practice: write down your version of this statement - “this season i call in ________ by letting go of _______”. sing it aloud to yourself with your hand on your heart-center. try different tones/ melodies for added fun! then go forth and do what you need to let go.


january gatherings

collective moments for self reflection & resourcing

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an open, softly guided circle for womxn of color to replenish, process, and honor the best version of themselves while sharing sistering energies with other womxn.


Talk to Me Softly: The Ways of Surrendering

tentatively Jan 31st, 1pm CT

join me and Energy Healer/ Medicine Song Channeler Liana Naima on Clubhouse for a leaderless reflective dialogue on the different ways of surrendering. 


beautiful things by others

people, experiences, and words that i have loved

- if you haven't heard this BOP, you're missing out *sings Earth is ghetto*


- Althea Seloover is one of my favorite people & wrote this pleasing poem #quiversformynextpartner 


- the wise Jen Lemen has her 3r's class for connecting to our inner strength & knowing opening up later this month, get on the waiting list


-this month i'm reading three books: how to not always be working by marlee grace  (a blessing from a gift), all about love by bell hooks (for re-membering love in me), & the untethered soul by Michael A Singer (for letting go and living fully).


& with that, may you be empowered always all ways.

yasmin 💛


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**curious as to why I may have omitted capitalization? - lucille clifton inspired me.

"Standard English… is the language of conquest and domination; in the United States, it is the mask which hides the loss of so many tongues, all those sounds of diverse, native communities we will never hear...we create the ruptured, broken, unruly speech of the vernacular... There, in that location, we make English do what we want it to do. We take the oppressor’s language and turn it against itself. We make our words a counter-hegemonic speech, liberating ourselves in language.” - bell hooks taught me. & more here.