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A week's worth of Inspiration, Eating, Listening,

Watching, Reading, Working & Making

hey there, friend!

How are you? Yeah, I know. I feel that.

This week has been a lot. Next week? Also gonna be a lot.


Personally, I'll be honest with you; the fall of our Democracy has coincided with both a New Moon AND a regular surge of hormones, creating a vortex of sadness, anxiety and angst that I'm ill prepared to deal with. All I want to do is emotionally eat fried things and watch sad, but beautiful, movies that have happy endings.


I've been blowing off steam via Resistbot. Everyday. Keeping up to date with the newsletter so I don't have to subject myself to to the burning rage of CSPAN.  And nesting. Constantly.


Frankly, I've been leaning into it, because self-care can take whatever form you need, and for me right now, it's form is a spotless kitchen and organized dresser drawers instead of a new set of Pinterest ads or a blog post. It's making sure my clients are cared for, but not forcing myself to put in a full day at my desk.  It's American Chinese take-out instead of salads.  It's the extra cup of coffee that I usually don't let myself have, and baking brownies and making potato soup because it makes the house smell good, and warm, and comforting. It's LOTS of TikTok.


Productivity has not been my goal, only staying busy, which is different.

And looking for distractions has become the rule.


So here are some small distractions:

Scottish Shetland Ponies in fine hand-knit jumpers.

Video of Vienetta being produced.  (I'm overjoyed it's back).

An ancient snackbar in Pompeii.

These cooling eye masks to help deal with the lack of sleep.

A super smart way to get a cheap and easy DIY channel-tufted headboard.

Remembering when Martha Stewart Living Magazine was the ne plus ultra of lifestyle content.

A BANGING list of costume dramas to watch after you finish Bridgerton.

These ‘earrings’ that are stalking me on Instagram (honestly, the entire line).

A really well done re-design of Burger King

Falling DEEP into singing TikTok:

Goosebump Belting, Folk Dua Lipa, Shanty Men, Quarantine Duetting

Here are the other things that got me through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be:


Pin of the Week

I've got cozy bedrooms on the brain as I start laying out the next blog post in my mind as I'm doing all this busy work. All I know at this point is that this pin of a bedroom by Heidi Caillier is right on the money when it comes to inspiration.


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Take care of yourself, okay?





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