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what I've be “up" to this week!

Hello First name / friend!

This week flew by, and I am running behind. We are trying to finish up school applications and getting used to having to get out the door again for school! (Today was my first day alone in the house in over a month 😊).  


I had fun doing several photo shoots with my new tripod and remote. I tried to get Eiley to be my photographer, but apparently that isn't part of her distance learning. I also made my first video for the blog. As I write this I am still deciding whether to actually put it in the post. My kids have informed me that it wasn't as embarrassing as they thought it would be, so that's something. Of course they only saw the first minute because they barely have the attention span of a Tik Tok.


I've been in a much better mood this week because I replaced the news with Aurora Teagarden Mysteries from the Hallmark channel. I highly recommend them- especially to my friends who loved Murder She Wrote back in the day! (You know who you are 🤣).


So have a good weekend and try and take a break from the world out there for a little bit (it really does help).

xo, whitney

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