The Blueprint Newsletter

January 19, 2021


The Value of Words


Have you ever worked with people who always have something to say? People whose words were always in the form of constructive criticism or just plain criticism? I’ve worked in almost every level of a professional work environment, from entry level and junior positions, to senior management and executive positions. Through my professional development, I’ve had several mentors tell me, “If you always have something to say, people will eventually begin to tune you out.” I typically paid it no attention, as I felt it did not apply to me. While people around me felt the need to complain and comment continuously about other people and various work protocols, I avoided falling into the habit as best as possible.


One day, I caught myself being rambunctious, critiquing everything my program manager wanted to institute. I didn’t realize what I was doing or saying until the words left my mouth. “What in the ____,” I thought!? “How could I begin to do the very thing I’ve avoided for years?” On my ride home I began to pray and ask God to remove the temptation to say whatever came to my mind. I also asked him to “show me how I fell into that trap.” He immediately showed me it was the company I kept. I worked and interacted with complainers and people who could never be satisfied. People who did not believe in supporting the vision of their employer, but only believed in their own vision – which was often barely past their nose.


In 2021 make an effort to reprogram your mind and resist the habits of negativity you are unconsciously exposed to. Sharpen your discernment and make an effort to understand your communication patterns when talking with your employer, team, and even your spouse. Constructive criticism isn’t always necessary! On the adverse, understand wise counsel is wise counsel. The words will not be sharp or rude; those are not wise patterns of speech.


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