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hey there, friend!

This week has been unusual in so many ways.  Bri is actually “on vacation” this week, and I hadn't realized how his multiple zoom meetings a day structured our lives until he didn't have any.  This week I don't know what time it is, or even the day - I've become so used to tracking by zoom…


 I'm still processing everything else going on.  I realized the millisecond I saw the first pics of the memorial on Tuesday night that I was not emotionally sturdy enough to experience the inauguration live. The first half of the week I was so anxious about something tragic happening that by the time I let out the breath I didn't realize I had been holding, the inauguration was halfway over. I ‘watched’ on Twitter to be able to keep a lid on the emotions that even 24hrs later still threaten to boil over. 


But, as the numbness has started to wane, I have been filled with so much hope. I hadn't realized how much I missed the necessary pleasures of poetry, design, and music in concert with the all the pomp and traditions.  I am also struck by how shocking the basic empathy, kindness, and humanity witnessed throughout the day feels after so many years with it gone.


I know we can grow these small moments of hope into a larger, more sustained movement.  We have to.  Because while we we have so much to heal from, there is still yet so much to accomplish.


But first, some small moments of joy:

You can now tell the executive branch how you feel directly with “President” on Resist.Bot.

I miss fat babies.  A lot.

This might be my favorite Vine of all time.

Dolly's Birthday wish is one I can absolutely get behind.

From a logistical, historical and design standpoint I found this think piece really interesting.

Epic level recipe title shade.

Being able to go to GFY to read fashion recaps of an actual live event again feels so normal. 

I'm not a sneakerhead but even I did a double take at this pair.

Also, this feeling is weird and I'm not sure how to handle it.

21 Reasons to Hope in 2021

Here are the other things that got me through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be:


Fresh Fruit

Cooking has been in a bit of rut, but thankfully, we're in the peak fruit season for FL. I clean it all up and leave it out in the fridge like a luxury all day snack bar.


Pin of the Week

Starting something new...each week I"ll be sharing a materials moodboard with you.  Things that inspire me, colors I'm falling in love with, new materials that have just arrived to the studio.  First up, though, is this throwback to a board I made because I was inspired by this great carpet.  Started with a warm green moment,  combined it with with my beloved cognac leather and then balanced it all with warm oak woods.  And then a crystal hardware kicker for good measure.  Just feels right. 


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