Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. 

It’s your masterpiece after all. 

-Nathan W. Morris


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Here I am snuggled up reading A Gentleman in Moscow wishing we weren’t out of soda water 😏,  and I just couldn’t keep going without letting you in on a little secret…

I’ve had some friends slide into my DMs with some questions, and guess what!? I’ve got some answers!


Let’s think about this friends. You’ve invested your hard earned bucks into your BRAND NEW HOUSE, and now you want to make it feel like home. 

You’ve got a couple of options:


Run to Target, buy a bunch of crap you don’t really need, and find random places for it to stay until next year’s garage sale


Make your house feel like HOME by prudently investing in DYNAMITE decor that FEELS LIKE HOME (and since you invested in something you love, likely won’t be in the garbage or garage sale bins next January)


Did you answer #2? If you did, you should DEFINITELY read on. 

This week on the blog (feels so weird to type that!), I’m debunking four myths about buying art so that you can feel confident intentionally decorating your home.  Spoiler alert—it’s a good read, if I do say so myself! 😂 


Heat up that coffee ☕️, snag a seat on the couch—doggy 🐕 footrests optional, but encouraged—and dig in.  

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Last thing—so far I’ve loved the books I’ve read in 2021.  First is The Enneagram of Belonging by Christopher Heuertz (a pretty good read if you’re already pretty proficient in the enneagram), and second is Lit! By Tony Reinke — I truly think Lit! a must read.. it rocked how I read books in the best way (and I love reading).  Want to hear more about my reading goals? I’ve got a blog post coming soon.  PS those aren’t affiliate links, just wanted to share!


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