Dear Mama, Do you know what is really holding you back from connecting with her? I do.

Being a Holistic Wellness Coach for Mothers of Teen Daughters has led me to many insights, but most of all realizations that it not just one thing that holds you back from connecting with her.

It could be one, or a mean combination of any of the following practical reasons..


  • You are a “Thinker” and she is a “Feeler”
  • You both are “Thinkers” and Feelers"
  • Your behaviour is a reflection of your Mothers or Grandmother's, and you are now operating on auto-pilot
  • Your core personalities clash
  • Your values are fundamentally different
  • Your habits and rituals need to be re-evaluated
  • She or you have unresolved issues that need to be processed
  • Your language is not assertive enough
  • Her emotional literacy is weak
  • You don't actually know how to communicate with a teenager
  • You let her cross emotional boundaries

Or maybe you don't know how to go deeper into your energetic body and lift what has been holding you back. 

For example maybe …

  • Your energetic body needs to be aligned or healed
  • You have blockages that have been passed on and need to be removed
  • Your Guides are giving you the “secret sauce” to solve you issues but you don't know how to really listen to them
  • You need to work on your Shadow
  • You need rituals to help heal your womb and mother wound
  • You don't know how to use the elements and energetic baths to clear your  baggage.

Prefer to stay on the practical side? Cool!I've got you! 

Or maybe your curious about this level of healing? Well click below…

Anyhoo, these are just a few possibilities. The list goes on!

At Mothering Mindful Daughters I look at all possibilities and teach you how an mother from a place of wholesome yet practical realness. 

 Mothering Mindful Daughters has something for everyone. 

Stop doing what isn’t working and let me help you get to the bottom of what is holding you back from connecting with your Daughter and living that dream relationship with her.

XO, illanith