The Greenhouse

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Follow these first 3 tasks 

to get started! 


Pinned to the top of our Team Group (once you're approved,) you'll see a welcome image. Please download the app Telegram, and add yourself to the 2 chats. (Linked on the welcome post.) 

One is for announcements, and the other is a team chat for help, questions, and discussion.


Introduce Yourself!

Once you have joined the group and the message threads, please introduce yourself on the welcome post! Tell us about yourself and tag your upline so they know you made it there! 

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In the beginning, it can be VERY easy to get overwhelmed with the huge amount of information. Don't panic! 
Take it slow and steady, and communicate frequently with your mentor about what you're working on, your first mini set of goals, and where you're at in the process. Everything is available for you to have success!

It is up to you to follow the links and join these message threads, team group, check out the resources, etc. 

The Telegram message thread is how you will communicate with teammates, and learn about 

all things Pomifera moving forward. 

 With a little bit of courage and a sprinkle of optimism, the possibilities are endless. 
Best of luck, and we are so glad you're here.  


Welcome to 

The Greenhouse.