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Issue 5


A Note from Mo

Hi everyone! I know it's been a while but I'm back with some great content! 2021 is here and it's a new year! With the inauguration of the new president and the roll out of the COVID vaccine, I am hoping this will be the year to redeem 2020.


For those who don't remember, this newsletter is dedicated to bring you my weekly 5 favorite things and the little things of the week to inspire you and put a smile on your face! What's different with the future editions? My recommendations are going to be tied to an old little thing off the list.


Have a little thing you want added to the list? E-mail me back!


Recycled Little Things
371. Finishing homework in class

372. Freshly washed and dried bathmats

373. Receiving free food randomly at a restaurant

374. Colors of autumn

375. Getting an extra hour at the end of daylight savings


what is your little thing today?
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