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March Happenings at the ASCP

Welcome! This month we will be highlighting W A T E R.


From waterway cleanups to our campus' own Water Action Plan, this newsletter will cover the best practices and approach to protecting the most important entity on Earth.



But first, here are some tips on how you can keep your at-home workspace as green as possible!

Be sure to tune in all March long as we feature past, present, and future ASCP water projects and data on our social media accounts.

Sneak peek of what's to come:

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The Spring Workshop Series Continues

GHG & Climate Action Planning

March 18th

Come learn about Auraria's greenhouse gas emissions footprint and how we're hoping to address campus emissions through our current climate action planning effort! The Auraria campus, like many universities and cities, conducts greenhouse gas inventories so that we can take action to address emissions sources (spoiler alert: building energy and transportation!). In this workshop you will learn about the process of GHG accounting, the results of Auraria's annual GHG inventory, the current landscape for state, local and university climate policy and how the ASCP's Climate Action Plan is being compiled...and how you can get involved with it!


Food Waste

April 1st

Approximately one third (or 1.3 billion tons) of the world food supply is lost or wasted—enough to feed 2 billion people each year. Students will look at the issue of food waste on a global, national, and local (campus) scale, applying both a social and environmental lens. We will discuss the factors contributing to food waste, the EPA’s food recovery hierarchy, and local organizations and efforts working to address the issue.


*CU Denver students have an opportunity to earn a Sustainability certificate 


Learn More On Our Website


Auraria Campus Water Action Plan

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 In honor of Water month, lets glance back at 2019's Water Action Plan. The OWOW Center secured grant funding for the development of this Water Action Plan in partnership with the Auraria Sustainable Campus Program and the Auraria Higher Education Center. In 2018-2019, more than 20 stakeholders participated in the development of this Plan by attending workshops, supporting data gathering, and undergoing interviews. The Plan presents a framework that Auraria Campus students, staff, and faculty will use to partner together to be responsible and wise water stewards on campus and in the broader community.


See The Full Plan

Campus Sustainability Map is Live

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Our Auraria Campus Sustainability Map is live on the homepage of our website! The map highlights LEED buildings, solar panel sites, waste bin locations, and much more. Stay tuned for map updates this upcoming Summer!

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March's #WalkTheWalkASCP competition ask is:

how do you conserve water and/or protect your local waterways/keep them clean? 

Some examples of submissions include:

(1) Consider Thrift shopping to reduce the demand of fast fashion (2)Participating in a waterway litter cleanup (3)Cutting back on the time you spend in the shower/bath

Need more ideas? Fill out this Water Calculator to identify how you can reduce your water consumption!

How to enter: Participation is easy! Just comment on our March #WalkTheWalkASCP posts about how you conserve water

in your life!


For bonus entries submit videos, photos, and tips about

Energy Efficiency to us in a direct message

via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


Not on socials? Email your submission to


#WalkTheWalkASCP home page 

EVERYONE is invited to participate and eligible to win prizes including members of the surrounding community that are not affiliated with the Auraria Campus.


The prize this time is a Brita Filtering Water Bottle 

and six additional filters. 

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February's #WalkTheWalkASCP

 winner is CU Denver's Olja Kovacevic

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The competition was “How do you conserve energy at work, home, or school?” and Olja submitted great information about thrifting and reducing dryer use!


Shoutout to everyone who entered! 

We received some great tips about energy efficiency.

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To learn more about your personal water footprint, 

head to the water calculator!

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Our Spotlight Hero for March is both One World One Water Center 

and AHEC Grounds!


Read the full blog here


1) the One World One Water Center, a collaboration between Metropolitan State University of Denver and Denver Botanic Gardens, strives to educate people on water and environmental issues while implementing solutions to address them. 

OWOW also released their own version of TedTalks called "TomTalks" named after their director, Tom Cech, exploring water and environment with industry experts! They've also recently collaborated with H2O radio to create learning opportunities for students and faculty, explore joint funding ventures, engage wider audiences, and bring attention to important environmental subjects. Check out one of the TomTalks below!

2) This past summer, the AHEC Grounds Team stepped up to meet challenges posed by COVID-19 and an aging irrigation system. The Grounds team reduced campus water consumption by ~8 million gallons last summer by addressing leaks and upgrading our irrigation controllers.”

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Water and Environmental Justice

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“As the Colorado River Basin becomes drier and shortage conditions loom, one great variable remains: How much of the river’s water belongs to Native American tribes?”


Water Conservation and Cleanup Resources

Inland Ocean Coalition

The Inland Ocean Coalition's approach is unique in that we connect actions inland to their impacts on our coasts and ocean. We give inland communities a voice in protecting our ocean by empowering them to become ocean champions in their communities.”

Learn More

The Ocean Cleanup

Every year, millions of tons of plastic enter the oceans primarily from rivers. The plastic afloat across the oceans – legacy plastic – isn’t going away by itself. Therefore, solving ocean plastic pollution requires a combination of stemming the inflow and cleaning up what has already accumulated. The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization, is developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. When we have achieved our goal of a 90% reduction in ocean plastic, our project is finished and our work will be done.”

Learn More

Headwaters Protectors

“We provide compassionate water and trash services to people experiencing homelessness in Denver, CO."




Jobs and Internships On and Off Campus


(multiple positions available)- Mariposa Location - Denver, CO

BikesTogether is looking for a Part-Time service lead and a Full-time retail lead. 

Learn More

High Country Conservation Center- Community Programs Manager

Full time - Summit County, CO 

The role covers primarily Waste Reduction, as well as Sustainable Food and Water Conservation. The Community Programs Manager assists the Community Programs Director in implementing HC3’s community programs including waste reduction, local food production and water conservation. This position reports to the Community Programs Director.

Learn More

INTERNSHIP- Clean Energy Legal Internship

Western Resource Advocates (WRA) seeks a curious and driven law student to join our Clean Energy Team this Summer as an intern. This role will focus on energy law and policy, particularly as it relates to climate change, as well as administrative law and potentially appellate work. The Clean Energy Legal Intern will report to WRA staff attorneys and analysts, with opportunities to learn and grow while working with other conservation professionals.

Learn More

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MSU Denver STEM & Envrionmental Science Career Fair

March 4th

1 pm - 5 pm (virtual)

The STEM & Environmental Science Virtual Career Fair is a premier opportunity to connect our top students with employers hiring for professional jobs and internships in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Environmental related fields.

Sign Up

Healthy Ocean Coalition Ocean Advocacy Training

Various Dates in March

Follow the link below for the full schedule

“The Healthy Ocean Coalition is a national network of ocean lovers – a free-to-join coalition of passionate and supportive ocean champions - dedicated to preventing the exploitation, destruction, and neglect of our ocean, coasts, and Great Lakes.”

Full schedule and sign up

WIS Lunch & Learn - Ocean Conservation from Inland States: You Don't Have to See it to Protect It

March 3rd

12:30 pm (virtual)

This webinar will discuss how we all are connected to the ocean, no matter where we live. We will discuss how our waterways connect us to the ocean, issues the ocean is facing, and ways you can make a difference even if you don’t see the ocean every day.

Learn More

WIS Lunch and Lean- (Various Topics)

Every Wednesday in March

12:30 pm (virtual)

Learn about Food Waste, Trust in Sustainability, What's in you products, and so much more!!

Learn more and sign up



Pictured above is us showing some love and annoucing our Tuesday staff takeovers coming soon!


Stop by all of our social media accounts each tuesday to learn more about the ASCP student and full time staff!

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