Muse Letter: January 28, 2021


“Let the waters settle and you will see 

the moon and the stars mirrored in your being.”

~ Rumi

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Hello First name / friend


Here we are, almost a full month into 2021, and well, the world still feels a bit crazy…what's it been like for you in your little corner of it? 


Are you currently coping, or thriving?  What do you want, need, or feel, in this moment? Are you finding the time, energy and encouragement to take care of yourself? Are you missing the people you love? What would you create next, if you could? Are you still dreaming, and seeing hope on the horizon? If not, here's a little musical encouragement.


Sometimes we need reminding that our life is in our hands. We may not be in “control” but we can choose how to move through the chaos. 


So, let's all just take a moment to breathe.


Ahhhhhhh…  😍


That's better!


Even though most of us are stuck at home with all hope of traveling off the table (at least for the foreseeable future) maybe this Muse Letter will inspire you to see your own life as a messy, magical, art-making adventure! So, what can you create next?  


If you need a little boost or just some whimsical distraction, here's a fascinating article on the Science of Smooching. And if you want more, read on for more inspiring Muse News — including a new creative-writing focused Muse Date, a delicious Cherry Winks recipe, and a featured Muse Community Sweetheart. 


Shooting love straight from my screen to yours! 😘



Inspiration for you...

A New Writing-Focused Muse Date — Every First Friday

What's a creative writing flirt? It's a way to play with words without taking yourself too seriously! During this 1.5 hour creative encounter, we will co-create a safe, supportive space for writers of all ability levels to explore their creative voice.  Join the First Friday Creative Writing Flirt — February 5.

Muse Community

Featured Sweetheart  

Liz Sykes


💕Name, place of origin, current residence & occupation

Hi! I'm Liz, originally from Virginia on the east coast of the U.S. Currently, I live in Amsterdam and work as a freelance media producer and copywriter.


💕Currently creatively musing on and/or making...

My life! That's a bit of a cheeky answer, but it's also sincere. I moved to Amsterdam last year partly for the adventure and partly because I felt stagnant in many ways. I wanted to dramatically break from my old habits and see what emerged. A quote from author André Gide sums it all up well, "One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time." Right now, I'm intentionally lost at sea. I wouldn't say it's been smooth sailing but I am learning a lot.


💕Favorite or latest inspiration (book, music, person, etc) and why...

Ingrid Fetell Lee's book, Joyful, about how the objects we surround ourselves with influence our feelings and mood, has inspired me to be more thoughtful about my home and belongings. Before reading her book, I thought about creating joy in terms of what I spend my time doing and with whom. How my surroundings influence me is something I'd never really considered.


💕 Describe a personal "Messy, Magical, Life Adventure" moment in a snapshot...

My six-year-old niece and I spend a lot of time talking on Zoom. Like everyone, we're worn out from all the time at home and trying to find new ways to stay entertained. Playing with her is such a fun and beautiful challenge - we create games and stories from our imaginations and whatever is lying within reach. I find myself now thinking of objects around the house as potential toys and props in our on-going antics.


💕Sweet lessons learned from kissing my muse (with Robbyn or through my own creative practice)...
Robbyn's workshops are such a fun way to dive in without a plan, which is not my usual modus operandi. It feels freeing to create something based on a feeling, with no ideas about what the final piece will look like. That's what I am trying to do on a much larger scale so these workshops really reinforce that approach and are a great way to connect with my intuition. 


💕Anything special about your first or most recent Muse Date you'd like to share?
 This workshop was outside of my comfort zone because I do not think of myself as an artistic person. I was pleasantly surprised by how easily everything flowed. The opening prompts really helped me shift to a more open mindset to create from. 


💕Anything else you'd like to add...

Nothing else to add! (Except! Liz also happens to be my downstairs neighbor. Around Christmas, she made a batch of incredibly tasty cookies — called “Cherry Winks" (how cute is that?)— and brought me a few. Making these during the holidays is a tradition in her family. They were so good, I asked her to share the recipe with me and now I'm sharing it with you!


Kissng the. Muse. in the Kitchen


Okay friends, hope to see you, in person or on Zoom, very soon!  

In the meantime, keep infusing your magical life with love!

 ~ Robbyn Layne