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hey there, friend!

So, like, pandemic burn-out is real.  


I've been really struggling lately with the realization that we've been doing this for almost an entire year.  Particularly because this is the time I am normally planning out our travel for the year, purchasing the tickets, booking reservations, making plans and getting excited.  Alas, not this year.


I also finished work on a house this week that has an incredibly gorgeous pool, which TBQH wasn't helping my craving for warm breezes and cold drinks.  It's just that this monotony has started weighing so heavily.


And I mean weighing literally, as my body is starting to purge and cry out for rest.  Are you as physically tired as I am?  Like, just TIRED.  My hip flexors ache?  And I have no idea how it happened, but I pulled a muscle in my neck somehow. (Bill Larkin gets it.)


All of this added up to us impulse ordering a tiny hot tub over the weekend.  And you know what?  It's helped, because we both just randomly look out at the patio where it's going to live and think, oooh, hot tub, and then go about our day with a bit more pep.  


I guess what I'm saying is you gotta figure out what you have to look forward to, be it tickets to a live-streamed concert, getting a fancy dinner set-up, some gorgeous flowers for no reason, or a new escape-room puzzle. Or maybe even a new room.


Because we gotta stay sane as we're staying safe.


And now, some small moments of joy:


Peter Brathwaite is still killing the #gettymuseumchallenge (I really love this one)

Like, why are Minor League Baseball team names so damn awesome?

I'm sorry, this is a miniature?

Passive Aggressive Pandemic Valentines Cards

Night Cookies as Self-Care (so smart)

Watching Elladj Balde skate to Amanda Gorman made me choke up

Taking care our our Morning Selves and our Nighttime Selves

A naturally occurring Cookie Monster Geode

A 60 second bite of daily news is all I can absorb right now

I've reached the age where I get real excited about an ergonomic shower cleaner

Here are the other things that got me through this week.

I hope they do the same for you, wherever and however you may be.


Pin of the Week

I received this faux slate tile sample from Brava this week, and I am so impressed!  It is so realistic, so I immediately pulled together a modern cottage scheme using the slate as a starting point.  I added some warm faux stone veneer, and accented it with warm wood details for beams.  Then I selected two paint colors to compliment the neutral scheme and finished it off with polished nickel hardware and a beautiful lantern to match.  Simple, layered charm.


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