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I’ve been late getting my new year wishes out to all of you so HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR! May each and every one of you experience the joy of a turned page, a new start, and the possibilities that go along with it.


With a new year, a new administration, birthday month, preparing to sell our home, and a monster book edit, there’s been a lot going on, but I couldn’t let the month go by without a quick note.


Yesterday was my birthday. The day before was Bear's (my hubby). Our celebrations were quite different from last year when I turned 50 and released This Is Not How It Ends. But you know what? I loved my birthday. It was a return to simpler times with the special people in my life--intimate and meaningful. Being in Florida, we were able to take advantage of the weather, socially distant and safe. Butterflies. Beach. Our boys. It doesn't get any better than that.


This morning, I spent some time reading through my Facebook birthday posts. There’s a lot to say about Facebook these days, but nothing can compare to the giant’s ability to make a girl feel special. Being isolated and apart the last year, unable to connect and share, here is a place where wishes bridged the distance—across years, miles, and lifetimes.


With one simple post, friends made their way into my memory and heart. There were gestures of kindness from family and friends, but then there were the names that told an entire story. My first kiss. The woman sitting next to us at a restaurant, the one who we struck up a deep and meaningful conversation with. The family we met in a hot spring in Iceland. The young writer I mentored who is now published. Our sons' camp counselor. The list is long. Every greeting a reminder of the power of connection.


And while we don’t see each other often, and when we do, we can’t get close, the simplicity (and depth) of these posts--for any of us--can’t be underestimated. We know who wakes up early and stays up late. We know who likes emojis and who doesn’t. We know who remembers us as we remember them (and that always feels good). We know who’s creative and who prefers minimalism. Who’s mastered the photo collage and who’s got the best sense of humor. We know who takes the time to care. We know who's thinking about us. And in a world where we can’t do much in the way of physical touch and proximity, I love that there are still beautiful ways to be touched.


At times, social media can be a time suck, a hateful and hurtful place, but it can also be the best way for us to feel a sense of connection and humanity when we can’t be together. And though this is an electronic newsletter, digitally sent without the warmth of an embrace, I hope you can feel my appreciation and that you, too, are able to experience the joy in the little things. It's 2021, and less is definitely more. 


Big Hugs,


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Keeping it short. Keeping it real.

See you next month.


Please excuse any typos. I'm old and blind.