Isn't it interesting how an early snow looks so beautiful to us, 
but by February 
all we can think about is Spring?


Another month has passed. 
Much has changed. 
Much remains the same.

Happy Groundhog Day!


BUT. . .we do have a few new items up on our website, including an e-book version of a publication I created a while back. A look at the incredible life and work of the modernist painter, Stuart Walker, whose early winter scene is above. 

If you could do with a little infusion of beauty in art, please click the link below and take a look! It is also available in print from the website as well.



We also have a few new acquisitions up, including three new ceramics by Ken Price. A friend of mine has his morning cup of Joe in one of Ken's ceramics every day. I can think of worse ways to start a winter morning than with such beauty.


All the best as we all ease into 2021.


Image 1