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Remember that story exclusively for newsletter subscribers that I mentioned? ONLY my newsletter subscribers will have access to this story. Since I got so many votes for "anything" and "something new" in the responses, an idea tickled my fancy. What if I tailor the story you're getting to YOUR preferences as a reader? 

So, all my newsletter subscribers get to vote on the elements of the story, and I'm going to take it as a writing challenge! You'll get to pick everything from the genre down to what species the main characters are! Whatever gets the most votes wins, so if you're planning on reading the story, be sure to vote for what you want while you still can!


I will stop taking votes on February 28 and begin the new story in March! 

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I’m going to gift a care package to my top fan/most engaged group member at the end of the year! Liking, commenting, and sharing often are the best ways to stay engaged and get entries for this gift-away.


Congrats to my last winner, Belinda A!


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Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, & Similar Genres

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When power beckons, anyone can answer. Let the call of magic charm you!

Curses and hexes haunt the worlds of the witches, werewolves, dragons, vampires and the hunters who stalk them in the night.

Fall under the spell of more than 30 stories fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance by New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling authors.

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Everyone thinks Ainsley Morris is your basic science nerd—a botany major who prefers the lab to the party scene—and maybe they’re right. But she’s got plans. Big plans that’ll keep her from repeating her mother’s mistakes. So even though life hasn’t always been rosy, at twenty-one, it’s finally less thorny.

That is, until she meets him. Alex Campbell.

Sure, he’s ridiculously handsome, rich, and powerful. And maybe he can steam up a room (and…um…other things) just by turning his green eyes in Ainsley’s direction. But unfortunately he’s also completely insane.

Alex thinks he's some kind of vampire fae. And not only that, he says he's the leader of said vampire faes and that Ainsley's their queen.

Uh…excuse me?

Worse, he says they’re nearing extinction, and she’s their only shot at survival.

Right. Ainsley has her own problems to worry about.

But when her body begins reacting in ways even a science nerd can't explain, it might be more than Alex’s survival on the line. It might just be her very own. Because those big plans of hers? They're about to come bite her in the ass.

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Calliope “Poppy” Miller was running from an abusive home life when she got more than she bargained for when she was attacked by a rogue werewolf.
Poppy soon discovers that the world is nothing like she was told. She finds love, strength and a family she didn't expect to ever have.
Now if only the rogue wolf and the abusive mother she ran from will let her keep her new found happy ever after.

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One Girl. Two impossible tasks. Thirty days to survive.

Jaguar shifter Mei Ching is underqualified for the job at hand, but with the mark of the Elite appearing on her arm, she knows she must protect her position in order to ensure the safety of her people. The wolves have reigned for long enough.

But Mei’s not only been chosen as the next Elite, she’s also been tasked with discovering the cure for the virus ravaging the shifters. With her friend Tao by her side, they must unravel the clues left by the High Spirit, but there’s just one other problem. Mei is pretty sure Tao is her one true mate.

Between defending her place as the next Elite, suppressing her primal urges, and searching all over China and Penumbra for the cure, Mei isn’t so sure she’ll be able to survive the next thirty days.

Order of the Shadow Dynasty is part of the Rise of the Elites Shared World Collection

Collection includes titles by:

  • USA Today Bestselling Author, Jessica Cage
  • Delizhia Jenkins
  • USA Today Bestselling Author, Jennifer Laslie
  • USA Today Bestselling Author, Mikel Wilson
  • E.M Lacey
  • Kish Knight

Six Elites will Fall. Six will Rise.

Find out if they survive.