15 Days of Positive Feedback Challenge, Day 1: OPT IN.

“The practice of seeing, celebrating, and leveraging strengths and contributions can be a revolution for ourselves and each other. “ -KHP ☺

A big statement, but I believe it! Let’s commit to amplifying positive feedback for the next 15 days. I’ll share a daily easy, do-able, little-bites-y challenge to help you receive, give, and move on positive feedback in your life and work.

Today, OPT IN. Make a note to follow along for the next 3 weeks. Share it with your teams and colleagues to spark discussion and accountability. (It’s framed as a work challenge but totally applicable to the non-work sphere… our family will be discussing at the dinner table…☺).

No official sign-up required- you can follow along on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn (links below).  If you prefer an email version of the challenge, click the button below. 


Happy positive-feedback-ing,